Saturday, February 12, 2011

Book Review: State Fair by Earlene Fowler

Title: State Fair
Series: Benni Harper Mystery #14
Author: Earlene Fowler
Rating 3 out of 5
Published: 05/04/2010
Publisher: Berkley
Genre(s): Contemporary Mystery, Crime Fiction


For Benni, the annual State Fair is a much anticipated break in her routine of overseeing museum exhibits, temperamental artists, and stubborn cattle. This year they are showing traditional African- American quilts. But when one is stolen and it leads to a cold-blooded murder, Benni realizes there is more to this fair, and she'll have to see who is really a wolf in sheep's clothing.


MY THOUGHTS (Short and Sweet)

I have never looked to the Benni Harper Mysteries for excitement or flashy dialogue. They are steadily paced and have simple, straightforward dialogue between the characters. There is always a murder to solve, and Benni is always in the middle of things. Each book is consistently and comfortingly similar. After 14 books that's just what I want.

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