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Book Review: Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

Title: Go Set a Watchman
Author: Harper Lee
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Published: 07/14/2015
Publisher: Harper
Genre(s): Literary Fiction


"From Harper Lee comes a landmark new novel set two decades after her beloved Pulitzer Prize–winning masterpiece, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Maycomb, Alabama. Twenty-six-year-old Jean Louise Finch—"Scout"—returns home from New York City to visit her aging father, Atticus. Set against the backdrop of the civil rights tensions and political turmoil that were transforming the South, Jean Louise's homecoming turns bittersweet when she learns disturbing truths about her close-knit family, the town, and the people dearest to her. Memories from her childhood flood back, and her values and assumptions are thrown into doubt. Featuring many of the iconic characters from To Kill a Mockingbird, Go Set a Watchman perfectly captures a young woman, and a world, in painful yet necessary transition out of the illusions of the past—a journey that can only be guided by one's own conscience.

Written in the mid-1950s, Go Set a Watchman imparts a fuller, richer understanding and appreciation of Harper Lee. Here is an unforgettable novel of wisdom, humanity, passion, humor, and effortless precision—a profoundly affecting work of art that is both wonderfully evocative of another era and relevant to our own times. It not only confirms the enduring brilliance of To Kill a Mockingbird, but also serves as its essential companion, adding depth, context, and new meaning to an American classic."


I will say that Nelle Harper Lee sure did (does) have a way with words. Sleep didn't stand a chance against this long-hidden, beautiful book. I re-read so many passages—some because I didn't immediately have an understanding of the mastery of her expression to feeling the need to discover their deeper meanings. Throughout, I found myself appreciating how often the language (setting, too) felt contemporary, yet also being charmed by the thoughts, mannerisms, and eloquence of her memorable characters from another era. The author's brilliance had me alternately laughing and crying but consistently feeling extremely appreciative for my time with this remarkable work.

I will not deny that I found parts of it difficult to read, particularly the harsh views and language. I've not the literary investment in the character of Atticus Finch that so many seem to have. Although I found much of what was written disturbing, I think I saw his motivations differently than those whose reviews I've read so far. This novel was written in the 1950's about life in a small Southern town. It is like nothing I was exposed to in my time or my south (Southern California).

My high ideal of Atticus Finch seems to allow for him not to be perfect. I fear that those who have revered his character as the epitome of all-that-is-right may be distraught over his depiction here. Of course, as the story goes, Jean Louise held him to the highest ideal. He couldn't help but disappoint her.

There is much lightheartedness to be had, though: charm, wit, cleverness, and Jean Louise's brashness included.

I'm interested to hear what my friends have to say about it. 


"For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth." ~ Isaiah 21:6


“She was a person who, when confronted with an easy way out, always took the hard way."


"Gentlemen, if there's one slogan in this world I believe, it is this: equal rights for all, special privileges for none." ~ Atticus Finch


“Prejudice, a dirty word, and faith, a clean one, have something in common: they both begin where reason ends.” ~ Jack Finch


“Alexandra was one of those people who had gone through life at no cost to themselves; had she been obliged to pay any emotional bills during her earthly life, Jean Louise could imagine her stopping at the check-in desk in heaven and demanding a refund.” 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Between the Pages - Books I Read in 2014

Two thousand fourteen was a year of upheaval in my personal life, and because of that, books offered me even more solace than usual. Also, my ability to recall and string together words to form worthwhile book reviews has been greatly affected. Although I find the inability to articulate my feelings about the books I read to be disheartening, it has not discouraged me from reading at all.

According to my Goodreads Challenge, I read 255 books in 2014 (first reading of single titles). However, the total on my 'books-read-in-2014' shelf was 269; that includes re-reads of books I have read prior to 2014. To make the numbers even more complicated, I read several books more than once in 2014. Then, there is my database total of 245, which is listed in detail below my favorites lists.

Those twenty-five re-reads for the year were the following: Gabriel's Inferno and Gabriel's Rapture by Sylvain Reynard; Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed (for the 10th time each!) by E.L. James; All Over You and Devoured by Emily Snow; Collide by Gail McHugh; Reaper's Property by Joanna Wylde; Outlaw and Crash by Nicole James; Lay It Down by Cara McKenna; Motorcycle Man (audiobook) by Kristen Ashley; Naked, All In, and Eyes Wide Open (audiobooks) by Raine Miller; Rare and Precious Things (Kindle edition AND audiobook) by Raine Miller; Unteachable by Leah Raeder; First Strike by Pamela Clare; The Scribe by Elizabeth Hunter; Carnal Innocence (for the 5th time!) by Nora Roberts; Try and Take by Ella Frank; and Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor. Six of these were read again before proceeding with the latest series installments.

Last year also proved that, in some ways, I've become more particular and my tastes have changed considerably. I added fifteen books to my 'did-not-finish' shelf and attempted to re-read a couple of books that I had previously enjoyed. My opinions had changed so much that I was compelled to remove my ratings and comments for those books.

The favorites listed below are the books that affected me the most emotionally. There were also several others I read which were published prior to 2014 that really got to me. Better late than never though, right? As far as my audiobook listening goes, so far I have only listened to books that I've already read in Kindle format.

Last year I read 17 books through my public library's digital collection and I now hope to increase that number in the coming years. My Kindle Paperwhite currently houses 814 books along with numerous Authorgraphs. I'm starting 2015 with 126 books and audiobooks on my 'to-be-read' shelf. I've set my Goodreads Reading Challenge at 215 books this year, and the book I've chosen to read first is a novel in my favorite genre (romantic suspense) by a favorite author (Tracey Garvis Graves) entitled Every Time I Think of You.

I wish you enjoyable reading in 2015! 

My Favorites Published in 2014
(alphabetical by author)

Single Titles

Beauty from Love (Beauty #3) by Georgia Cates
Worth the Fall (The McKinney Brother #1) by Claudia Connor
The Fight for Us by Elizabeth Finn
Fatal Jeopardy (Fatal #7) by Marie Force
Take (Temptation #2) by Ella Frank
Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover
Lay It Down (Desert Dogs #1) by Cara McKenna
Rare and Precious Things (The Blackstone Affair #4) by Raine Miller
Jacked (Trent Brothers #1) by Tina Reber
Gabriel's Redemption (Gabriel's Inferno #3) by Sylvain Reynard (published 12/03/13, so just a small cheat)
Archer's Voice (A Sign of Love Series #1)  by Mia Sheridan 
Fatal Hearts by Norah Wilson

Series Titles

Monster in His Eyes Series by J.M. Darhower
Hard Ink Series by Laura Kaye
The Blackstone Affair by Raine Miller
With Me in Seattle by Kristen Proby
In the Company of Killers by J.A. Redmerski
Reaper's MC by Joanna Wylde

Favorites by Category

Favorite Mainstream Romance - Solsbury Hill: A Novel by Susan M. Wyler
Favorite Contemporary Romance - Gabriel's Redemption (Gabriel's Inferno #3) by Sylvain Reynard
Favorite Romantic Suspense - Mean Streak by Sandra Brown, (runner up) The Collector by Nora Roberts
Favorite Inspirational Romance - Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover
Favorite Fantasy (sci-fi/historical fiction) Romance - Written in My Own Heart's Blood (Outlander #8) by Diana Gabaldon
Favorite New Adult Romance - Breakable (Contours of the Heart #2) by Tammara Webber
Favorite Romantic Novella - Hard to Hold on To (Hard Ink #2.5) by Laura Kaye
Favorite Romantic Series - The Blackstone Affair by Raine Miller
Favorite Audiobook - Rare and Precious Things by Raine Miller and narrated by Grace Grant, Shane East, and India Baldwin
Favorite Mystery - Terminal City (Alexandra Cooper #16) by Linda Fairstein
Favorite Romantic Hero - James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser from Written in My Own Heart's Blood
Favorite Romantic Heroine - Brynne Bennett from Rare and Precious Things
Favorite Romantic Couple - Ethan Blackstone and Brynne Bennett from Rare and Precious Things
Favorite Alpha Male - Ethan Blackstone from Rare and Precious Things
Favorite Debut Author - Claudia Connor for Worth the Fall (The McKinney Brothers #1)

Most Pleasant Surprise - Solsbury Hill: A Novel by Susan M. Wyler
Most Luscious Romance - Gabriel's Redemption (Gabriel's Inferno #3) by Sylvain Reynard
Most Erotic Romance - The Muse (Rothvale Legacy Historical Prequel #1) by Raine Miller
Most Outside My Comfort Zone - Insidious (Tales from the Dark Side #1)  by Aleatha Romig
Most Heartrending - Loving Mr. Daniels by Brittainy C. Cherry
Most Humorous - Tied (Tangled #4) by Emma Chase
Most Tormented Hero - Ethan Blackstone from Rare and Precious Things by Raine Miller, (runner up) Asher Lee from The Vixen and the Vet by Kate Regnery
Most "Kick Ass" Heroine - Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser from Written in My Own Heart's Blood
Most Guilty Pleasure - Two VERY dark series: Monster in His Eyes by J.M. Darhower and In the Company of Killers by J.A. Redmerski

Most Anticipated Books of 2015

Deep Blue Eternity by Natasha Boyd
Overruled (The Legal Briefs #1) by Emma Chase
One With You (Crossfire #5) by Sylvia Day
Trust (Temptation #3) by Ella Frank
Confess by Colleen Hoover
Give It All (A Desert Dogs Novel) by Cara McKenna
My Lord (Rothvale Legacy #2) by Raine Miller
The Prince (A Gabriel's Inferno/Florentine Series Novella) by Sylvain Reynard
The Raven (The Florentine #1) by Sylvain Reynard
The Liar by Nora Roberts
Deep (Stage Dive #4) by Kylie Scott
Silver Bastard (Silver Valley #1)  by Joanna Wylde

Books Read in 2014

Title Author Publication Year My Rating Reading Date
Imminent Danger Adams, Dee J. 2014 8 8/19/2014
Against the Wall Adams, Dee J. 2013 8 6/13/2014
Motorcycle Man (audiobook) Ashley, Kristen 2014 10 2/22/2014
Rock Chick (audiobook) Ashley, Kristen 2014 4 12/27/2014
Rock Chick Revolution Ashley, Kristen 2013 4 1/23/2014
The Will Ashley, Kristen 2014 4 4/29/2014
Maybe Maby Aster, Willow 2014 10 9/5/2014
Unfixable Bailey, Tessa 2014 8 4/23/2014
Ten Below Zero Barbetti, Whitney 2014 10 9/10/2014
Love Show Bell, Audrey 2014 8 3/5/2014
First Night Blakely, Lauren 2014 6 8/14/2014
Night After Night Blakely, Lauren 2014 8 8/25/2014
After This Night Blakely, Lauren 2014 8 8/25/2014
One More Night Blakely, Lauren 2014 8 8/25/2014
Alive at 5 Bond, Linda 2014 6 7/26/2014
Through the Window Bowen, Rhys 2014 8 1/12/2014
City of Darkness and Light Bowen, Rhys 2014 8 4/27/2014
Mistletoe & Hollywood Boyd, Natasha; Roth , Kate 2014 8 12/16/2014
A Soft Place to Fall Bretton, Barbara 2012 6 10/20/2014
Crashed Bromberg, K. 2014 8 3/4/2014
Mean Streak Brown, Sandra 2014 10 10/25/2014
Fat Tuesday (audiobook) Brown, Sandra 2012 6 2/10/2014
Body of Evidence Cameron, Stella 2012 4 12/2/2014
All Lined Up Carmack, Cora 2014 6 6/6/2014
The Chance Carr, Robyn 2014 8 11/12/2014
Don't Make Me Beautiful Casey, Elle 2013 10 9/7/2014
Her Wicked Heart Casey, Ember 2014 8 3/25/2014
Take You Away Casey, Ember 2014 6 12/15/2014
Lost and Found Casey, Ember 2014 8 6/22/2014
Beauty from Love Cates, Georgia 2014 10 1/30/2014
Tangled (audiobook) Chase, Emma 2013 10 1/22/2014
Twisted Chase, Emma 2014 10 3/26/2014
Tamed Chase, Emma 2014 8 7/18/2014
Tied Chase, Emma 2014 8 10/11/2014
Loving Mr. Daniels Cherry, Brittainy 2014 10 9/6/2014
Striking Distance (audiobook) Clare, Pamela 2013 10 2/23/2014
Surrender (audiobook) Clare, Pamela 2013 10 1/26/2014
Untamed (audiobook) Clare, Pamela 2013 10 3/20/2014
Defiant (audiobook) Clare, Pamela 2013 10 3/22/2014
Rusty Nailed Clayton, Alice 2014 8 7/1/2014
Screwdrivered Clayton, Alice 2014 8 9/3/2014
Mai Tai'd Up Clayton, Alice 2014 8 12/14/2014
It Ain't Me, Babe Cole , Tillie 2014 6 4/30/2014
Until We Burn Cole, Courtney 2013 8 9/8/2014
Before We Fall Cole, Courtney 2013 8 9/9/2014
The Minaldi Legacy Cole, Courtney 2014 8 9/12/2014
Worth the Fall Connor, Claudia 2014 10 10/1/2014
The Orchardist Coplin, Amanda 2012 6 12/8/2014
Six of Hearts Cosway, L.H. 2014 10 8/1/2014
Painted Faces Cosway, L.H. 2012 10 10/27/2014
Killer Queen Cosway, L.H. 2014 6 10/28/2014
Sinners at the Altar Cunning, Olivia 2014 8 3/24/2014
Take Me to Paradise Cunning, Olivia 2014 6 12/14/2014
Monster in His Eyes Darhower, J.M. 2014 10 10/6/2014
Torture to Her Soul Darhower, J.M. 2014 10 10/16/2014
Christmas Hope Dawes, Casey 2013 6 1/3/2014
California Thyme Dawes, Casey 2014 8 7/28/2014
Rush Dawn, Nyrae 2014 10 5/9/2014
Reflected in You (audiobook) Day, Sylvia 2012 10 2/1/2014
Entwined With You (audiobook) Day, Sylvia 2013 10 2/2/2014
Captivated by You Day, Sylvia 2014 8 11/19/2014
Jamaica Inn Du Maurier, Daphne 2013 8 8/16/2014
Rogue Evans, Katy 2014 8 7/29/2014
Terminal City Fairstein, Linda 2014 8 7/5/2014
The Fight for Us Finn , Elizabeth 2014 10 7/16/2014
Mud Vein Fisher, Tarryn 2014 2 4/7/2014
Nine Minutes Flynn, Beth 2014 8 11/13/2014
Fatal Jeopardy Force, Marie 2014 10 4/3/2014
All You Need is Love Force, Marie 2014 10 2/13/2014
I Want to Hold Your Hand Force, Marie 2014 8 6/7/2014
Chance for Love Force, Marie 2014 8 1/17/2014
Gansett After Dark Force, Marie 2014 8 5/17/2014
Thunder Snow Foster, Mimi 2013 2 1/28/2014
Veiled Innocence Frank, Ella 2014 8 4/7/2014
Take Frank, Ella 2014 10 7/8/2014
Outlander (audiobook) Gabaldon, Diana 2006 10 4/26/2014
Dragonfly in Amber (audiobook) Gabaldon, Diana 2006 10 7/15/2014
The Space Between Gabaldon, Diana 2014 8 6/12/2014
Written in My Own Heart's Blood Gabaldon, Diana 2014 10 6/18/2014
Covet Garvis-Graves, Tracey 2013 8 11/4/2014
Cherish Garvis-Graves, Tracey 2014 8 12/16/2014
Rush Too Far Glines, Abbi 2014 8 5/10/2014
A Taste of You Grace, Sorcha 2013 6 5/18/2014
A Sip of You Grace, Sorcha 2013 6 5/19/2014
"U" is for Undertow Grafton, Sue 2009 8 7/13/2014
Dirty Angels Halle, Karina 2014 8 7/5/2014
Darkhouse Halle, Karina 2011 6 8/4/2014
Love, in English Halle, Karina 2014 10 4/21/2014
Love, in Spanish Halle, Karina 2014 8 11/17/2014
The Pact Halle, Karina 2014 4 12/31/2014
Frenched Harlow, Melanie 2014 6 4/20/2014
Infinity + One Harmon, Amy 2014 8 9/21/2014
A Different Blue Harmon, Amy 2013 10 1/11/2014
Making Faces Harmon, Amy 2013 10 2/3/2014
At Your Beck and Call Harvey-Berrick, Jane 2014 8 6/2/2014
The Perfect Match Higgins, Kristan 2013 6 6/20/2014
The Girl Before Eve Hobman, Lisa J. 2014 6 6/15/2014
Loving Those With Fibro Holien, Michael 2014 8 5/17/2014
Ugly Love Hoover, Colleen 2014 10 8/5/2014
Maybe Someday Hoover, Colleen 2014 10 3/19/2014
Maybe Not Hoover, Colleen 2014 8 12/14/2014
A Hidden Fire (audiobook) Hunter, Elizabeth 2013 6 1/13/2014
This Same Earth (audiobook) Hunter, Elizabeth 2013 8 3/29/2014
The Force of Wind (audiobook) Hunter, Elizabeth 2013 8 3/31/2014
A Fall of Water (audiobook) Hunter, Elizabeth 2013 8 4/21/2014
Building From Ashes (audiobook) Hunter, Elizabeth 2013 6 9/10/2014
Blood and Sand (audiobook) Hunter, Elizabeth 2013 8 3/23/2014
The Singer Hunter, Elizabeth 2014 8 6/29/2014
Liberty Begins James, Leigh 2014 6 5/25/2014
Liberty At Last James, Leigh 2014 6 5/26/2014
Crash James, Nicole 2014 8 4/13/2014
Saving Grace James, Sandy 2013 6 3/8/2014
Puddle Jumping Johnson, Amber L. 2014 10 8/1/2014
His Secrets Jones, Lisa Renee 2014 6 2/25/2014
My Hunger Jones, Lisa Renee 2014 8 7/7/2014
No In Between Jones, Lisa Renee 2014 10 8/19/2014
My Control Jones, Lisa Renee 2014 8 9/8/2014
I Belong to You Jones, Lisa Renee 2014 8 12/4/2014
Ricochet Jordan, Skye 2014 10 7/19/2014
Price of a Kiss Kage, Linda 2013 6 5/24/2014
To Professor, with Love Kage, Linda 2014 8 5/24/2014
Hard as You Can Kaye, Laura 2014 10 3/17/2014
Hard to Hold On To Kaye, Laura 2014 10 8/20/2014
Hard to Come By Kaye, Laura 2014 10 12/7/2014
Hearts of Anemoi Bundle Kaye, Laura 2014 4 12/28/2014
Dare to Resist Kaye, Laura 2014 8 5/19/2014
Worth the Fight Keeland, Vi 2013 8 2/15/2014
Worth the Chance Keeland, Vi 2014 8 2/20/2014
Heat of the Moment Kennedy, Elle 6 10/2/2014
Feeling Hot Kennedy, Elle 2012 8 9/26/2014
Have Me Kenner, J. 2014 6 12/9/2014
Sweet Filthy Boy Lauren, Christina 2014 10 5/15/2014
Knox: The Complete Series Leo , Cassia 2014 4 10/17/2014
Don't Let Go Lovelace, Sharla 2014 8 8/24/2014
Living in Sin Lucero, Isabel 2014 6 2/26/2014
Unforgivable Sin Lucero, Isabel 2014 4 6/8/2014
Tempting the Bodyguard Lynn, J. 2014 6 6/1/2014
Be With Me Lynn, J. 2014 6 2/19/2014
Beautifully Awake Mackenzie, Riley 2013 10 5/12/2014
Beautifully Done Mackenzie, Riley 2014 8 7/21/2014
Accidentally Yours Mallery, Susan 2012 10 11/3/2014
Barefoot Season Mallery, Susan 2012 8 10/19/2014
Three Sisters Mallery, Susan 2013 8 10/25/2014
Evening Stars Mallery, Susan 2014 8 11/27/2014
Delicious Mallery, Susan 2012 8 10/31/2014
Irresistible Mallery, Susan 2012 8 11/1/2014
Sizzling Mallery, Susan 2012 8 11/2/2014
Tempting Mallery, Susan 2012 8 11/3/2014
When We Met Mallery, Susan 2014 8 5/2/2014
Before We Kiss Mallery, Susan 2014 6 5/29/2014
Until We Touch Mallery, Susan 2014 8 6/30/2014
One Night: Promised Malpas, Jodi Ellen 2014 10 8/5/2014
One Night: Denied Malpas, Jodi Ellen 2014 6 11/24/2014
Fighting for Irish Maxwell, Gina L. 2014 8 1/20/2014
A Beautiful Wedding McGuire, Jamie 2013 8 1/20/2014
Beautiful Oblivion McGuire, Jamie 2014 8 7/12/2014
Pulse McHugh, Gail 2013 8 7/10/2014
Hard Time McKenna, Cara 2014 10 4/19/2014
After Hours (audiobook) McKenna, Cara 2013 6 3/31/2014
Unbound McKenna, Cara 2013 8 4/1/2014
Lay It Down McKenna, Cara 2014 10 8/7/2014
The Governess Affair Milan, Courtney 2013 8 12/15/2014
Big Sky Wedding Miller, Linda Lael 2013 4 8/29/2014
Big Sky Secrets Miller, Linda Lael 2013 6 9/29/2014
The Muse Miller, Raine 2014 10 11/16/2014
The Passion of Darius Miller, Raine 2014 10 2/27/2014
Rare and Precious Things Miller, Raine 2014 10 2/28/2014
Rare and Precious Things (audiobook) Miller, Raine 2014 10 5/22/2014
Priceless Miller, Raine 2014 10 9/10/2014
Only in Dreams Owens, Wendy 2013 6 3/6/2014
Forever With You Paige, Laurelin 2014 6 1/15/2014
Thoroughbreds and Trailer Trash Pettersen, Bev 2013 8 3/13/2014
Studs and Stilletos Pettersen, Bev 2013 8 3/14/2014
Fillies and Females Pettersen, Bev 2011 8 5/27/2014
Heroes Are My Weakness Phillips, Susan Elizabeth 2014 8 11/26/2014
The Perfect Someday Preston, Beverly 2014 10 5/20/2014
Loving Cara Proby, Kristen 2014 8 1/22/2014
Seducing Lauren Proby, Kristen 2014 8 8/21/2014
Tied With Me Proby, Kristen 2014 8 3/20/2014
Breathe With Me Proby, Kristen 2014 6 7/4/2014
Forever With Me Proby, Kristen 2014 8 12/11/2014
Love Unscripted (audiobook) Reber, Tina 2012 8 3/10/2014
Love Unrehearsed (audiobook) Reber, Tina 2012 8 3/11/2014
Jacked Reber, Tina 2014 10 12/14/2014
The Swan and the Jackal Redmerski, J.A. 2014 10 9/25/2014
Killing Sarai Redmerski, J.A. 2013 10 7/6/2014
Reviving Izabel Redmerski, J.A. 2013 10 7/7/2014
The Vixen and the Vet Regnery, Kate 2014 10 8/8/2014
Swamp Bones Reichs, Kathy 2014 6 8/12/2014
Bones Never Lie Reichs, Kathy 2014 8 12/6/2014
Neanderthal Seeks Human Reid, Penny 2013 8 1/26/2014
Neanderthal Marries Human Reid, Penny 2014 6 8/13/2014
Gabriel's Redemption Reynard, Sylvain 2013 10 1/8/2014
Searching for Moore Richman, Julie 2013 8 2/21/2014
Moore to Lose Richman, Julie 2014 8 2/24/2014
Moore than Forever Richman, Julie 2014 8 2/25/2014
Shades of Pearl Richmonde, Arianne 2012 6 6/9/2014
Shadows of Pearl Richmonde, Arianne 2013 6 6/9/2014
Shimmers of Pearl Richmonde, Arianne 2013 6 6/11/2014
Live Rivers, Mary Ann 2014 6 4/15/2014
The Collector (audiobook) Roberts, Nora 2014 8 12/31/2014
The Collector Roberts, Nora 2014 10 4/17/2014
The Witness (audiobook) Roberts, Nora 2012 10 3/30/2014
The Search (audiobook) Roberts, Nora 2010 8 2/19/2014
Consequences (audiobook) Romig, Aleatha 2013 6 5/5/2014
Behind His Eyes: Consequences Romig, Aleatha 2014 6 1/26/2014
Behind His Eyes: Consequences (audiobook) Romig, Aleatha 2014 6 7/25/2014
Truth (audiobook) Romig, Aleatha 2013 6 5/8/2014
Behind His Eyes: Truth Romig, Aleatha 2014 6 3/4/2014
Behind His Eyes: Truth (audiobook) Romig, Aleatha 2014 6 7/26/2014
Convicted (audiobook) Romig, Aleatha 2013 6 5/10/2014
Revealed (audiobook) Romig, Aleatha 2014 6 7/27/2014
Revealed Romig, Aleatha 2014 6 5/21/2014
Insidious Romig, Aleatha 2014 8 10/23/2014
Fighting to Forget Salsbury, J.B. 2014 10 4/19/2014
Lick (audiobook) Scott, Kylie 2014 10 4/22/2014
Play (audiobook) Scott, Kylie 2014 8 7/22/2014
Play Scott, Kylie 2014 10 3/26/2014
Lead Scott, Kylie 2014 10 7/29/2014
Falling Stars Sheehan-Miles, Charles 2013 8 5/19/2014
Archer's Voice Sheridan, Mia 2014 10 2/14/2014
The Rosie Project Simsion, Graeme 2013 10 1/10/2014
Absorbed Snow, Emily 2013 6 6/23/2014
Consumed Snow, Emily 2014 6 6/24/2014
No Turning Back Snow, Tiffany 2012 6 9/18/2014
One Week Staab, Elisabeth 2014 8 1/13/2014
Five Ways to Fall Tucker, K.A. 2014 8 7/8/2014
Toxic Van Dyken, Rachel 2014 10 4/6/2014
Lover Enshrined Ward, J.R. 2008 6 5/3/2014
Apples Should be Red Watson, Penny 2014 8 3/15/2014
Breakable Webber, Tammara 2014 10 5/6/2014
The Missionary Wilder, Jack 2013 10 4/27/2014
Wounded Wilder, Jack; Wilder, Jasinda 2013 8 9/23/2014
Fatal Hearts Wilson, Norah 2014 10 8/22/2014
Every Breath She Takes Wilson, Norah 2012 8 9/2/2014
Jane's Melody (audiobook) Winfield, Ryan 2013 8 4/4/2014
Jane's Melody Winfield, Ryan 2013 10 1/22/2014
Jane's Harmony Winfield, Ryan 2014 10 8/9/2014
Reaper's Property (audiobook) Wylde, Joanna 2013 8 4/2/2014
Reaper's Legacy (audiobook) Wylde, Joanna 2014 8 4/5/2014
Reaper's Legacy Wylde, Joanna 2014 10 1/30/2014
Devil's Game Wylde, Joanna 2014 10 6/6/2014
Devil's Game (audiobook) Wylde, Joanna 2014 10 7/16/2014
Reaper's Stand Wylde, Joanna 2014 8 10/10/2014
Solsbury Hill: A Novel Wyler, Susan M. 2014 10 12/18/2014

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dream Reader

Since I started reading eBooks in 2008, I've read about 800 of them on a tiny (3-1/2") iPod touch. I had quite a few digital reading apps but have bought Kindle books exclusively since 2009. Being of a practical nature I appreciated the versatility of my little iPod, the fact that I already had it (thanks to my sister, who gave it to me!), and that it fit in my pocket. Inwardly, however, I dreamed of reading on a Kindle device someday. I kinda hoped I'd win one in one of the dozens of contest I'd entered, but dagnabit, I didn't!

Then, last Wednesday after much internal debate and admittedly, some queasiness, I bought a Kindle Paperwhite for myself from my very own wish list! After it arrived Thursday I excitedly began the process to truly make it mine: registering it, naming it, adding a personal description, changing my Kindle email address, and downloading my Kindle books into the Collections that "magically" showed up from the Cloud! I went a step further in personalizing it when I ordered a Skinit to match the one on my laptop computer. I justified that expense by not having to purchase a case. I have my daughter to thank for letting me have her old case. The one I bought to protect the Kindle I got her for her birthday last year. She got herself a Snoopy case for her birthday this year, and that Marware Jurni case I thought was the ideal Kindle case has been re-purposed for my Paperwhite. It really is ideal...for me, anyway. 

My new dream (e)Reader is housing my current Kindle collection of nearly 650 books and can hold up to 1,100, so I have a ways to go before I'll have to be selective. I've set it up to receive future Authorgraphs and have already sent all my current ones to it. 

I've wanted a Kindle for so many years and the Paperwhite is this voracious reader's dream come true. I hope I always maintain my sense of awe over the wonders of personal technology. I certainly appreciate my devices—my windows to the world, as I refer to them. Aren't they beautiful? 

Purple Passion Skinit with my custom designed personal logo!

The black Marware Jurni case looks great with the Skinit!

My Studio laptop, 4th gen iPod touch, and iPhone 5 all dressed up in purple!

Friday, March 7, 2014

My Sweetest Reward

Sixteen years ago today at 10:18 a.m. my darling girl drew HER first breath and innumerable times since then she has taken MY breath away. Happy sixteenth birthday my sweet, compassionate, creative, brilliant, and beautiful girl! I love you!

Squdges & Mwahs, Mama.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Natural Enchantment

Technically, this was the second snow of the season; this one occurred magically overnight. Quietly. I heard nothing of its descent as I lay comfy and warm inside listening to my audiobook. Then, not-so-bright and early this morning, I spied the predawn blue-tinted winter wonderland of my front yard. It sparkled in the limited light and was downy soft—so very fluffy. At that point I was only mesmerized by the beauty of it. Too soon though, I had to consider the mechanics of clearing a path and a vehicle.

Although I have been on the east coast for many years I will always have been from Southern California, where snow was a magical and mysterious thing which happened everywhere but there. The weather here is such that I can wear sandals most of the time; snow boots are a necessity only every few years. The same goes for gloves. This morning, however, if I had had the appropriate attire, I would have gladly remained outside for much longer.

Be warm and safe where you are. I plan to cuddle up with my Corgi, a cup of coffee, and a good book!