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"And overnight, the snow came" - Eastern Sierra Nevada
"Festive Opulence" - The Jefferson Hotel
"Rustling Leaves" - Our Country Lane
"Lighting the Way" - Vauter's Church
"Repose" - Pope's Creek Plantation

 "A Guiding Light" - The Rappahannock River
Occupacia Creek
" any other name..."
on the arbor
 "The Birthday Girl"
 "A Precious Paw"
 "A Solemn Swing"
Old City Cemetery
 "The Advocate"
Old City Cemetery
 "The Joinery"
 "Home on Little Mountain"
Monticello Cemetery
Michie Tavern
 "Bridging the River"
Downing Bridge
 "My Little Man"
Tucker (1991 - 2008)
 "Nature's Billboard"
Juniper Berries
 "Plantation Fencing"
Pope's Creek Plantation
 "In the Company of Trees"
Pope's Creek Plantation
 "An Angel to Watch Over Him"
Old City Cemetery
Tappahannock Pier
Essex County
Essex County
 "The Best of Friends"
Lewis and Clark
 "A Secret to Tell"
Haley (1993 - 2003)
 "The Old Bells"
Mt. Angel Abbey
 "A Curtain of Water"
South Falls
 "A Bit of Magic"
Magic VF
 "The Silver Stallion"
Amurath Bandolero
Half Dome
 "The Cornerstone"
Ahwahnee Hotel
 "For Want of a Horse"
My Sister's Saddle
 "Khueen for a Year"
Khueen (1980 - 1981)

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