Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Music Meme (Day 6) - A Song That Reminds Me of a Place

I've been thinking about this one for a few days.  One song, one place seemed to edge out the others.  For several years every time I listened to the artist I would get a little melancholy.  There were things I loved about Portland, Oregon, but sometimes the damp, gray days kinda got to me.  I was out of place there.  I was still working for the same company, but the northwest region was vastly different from the southwest.  I was newly single and trying to be positive, confident, and brave.  Not a settled period in my life.  Music seemed to affect my mood more in Portland than anywhere else I've lived.  The music I bought and first listened to there is still heavily associated with the area.  Even now, almost 14 years after leaving there I flash back to driving the wet roads under the gray skies to a job that wore me out.  I don't hold it against the artist whose song reminds me of those gray days.  She remains a favorite of mine to this day.  She's beautiful and talented and soulful.  She is Amanda Marshall and the song is Let It Rain (<---- video). 

* the video quality is horrible, but I hope you can get a feeling for her amazing talent.