A Walk in the Dark

I'm remaining positive that we'll be able to get Lizzie to go potty quicker when she's taken out at night. I look forward to someday being able to let her out the front door on her Flexi-Lead and having her go pee pee all on her own. As it stands now, one of us must accompany her outside, where those pesky mosquitoes are waiting to feed. Once outside she wants to keep walking in an aimless way. (Where do you want to go, Lizzie?) It would be nice not to have to walk her all over the place for that late night outing.

This morning I was feeling gentle "I need to go outside" vibes from the sweet girl, which meant a short walk a little before 5:00 a.m. At that early hour I was hoping for quiet, so she could concentrate. Instead there were loud trucks and strange noises causing her to shy away from potty duty.

She has such extremes--shying at the littlest thing to sleeping on her back totally relaxed. How about a happy medium more often, Sweet Lizzie?