Lizzie Has a Rough Day


Poor Lizzie had a rough day today. She started out feeling frisky on her walk, but I think she got slightly overheated. We left a little later than usual and it was pretty warm by 8 a.m.

She had been getting calmer about going out the kitchen door, but today reverted back to the way she was when she first arrived. Scared to death!

I took her for a ride in the van twice today, to drop off and pick up my family in town. Lizzie is always looking at the van like she's expecting to go for a ride. I think she feels more comfortable in there than outside.

She was so nervous all day. She kept jumping and trying to retreat from nearly everything. Early this evening she was under the footrest portion of the love seat enough to get bumped when it was being put down. She freaked out and jumped up on the love seat. When she jumped down from there she ran upstairs and tried to hide under the bed. My husband took her back downstairs and put her on the love seat next to him. When my daughter and I got home poor Lizzie was acting more submissive than usual. She was licking and squirming, like she was in trouble. My poor, sweet girl. My heart is breaking over how upset she was.

She's been lying quietly on the bed next to me for quite a while now. I am trying to instill confidence in her and not coddle her to the point that her fears ruin her life. I thought we were making some progress, but after today, I just don't know.

Tomorrow has to be better for her. It just has to be.