She CAN Bark!


After nearly 3 days here and not hearing a peep out of her, she actually barked three times today. What do you think caused this momentous eruption? Our fax machine! It beeped and started to print and she let out with three sharp barks, all while backing away. She let out a little chorus of growls and then was quiet again. She was curious enough to come and check out the printed sheets, but dismissed them as uninteresting.

Now, on to what she thinks about the vacuum. She watched me get it out of the closet and gave it a wide berth, while inspecting it. She went into her bed in another room, while I vacuumed the kitchen. Her coat is vastly different from my other doggies. I had to dump the canister twice just for the main floor! I think there is a chance that she'll get used to it, like all my other animals have. At least she didn't get hysterical or aggressive. She simply avoided it. Good girl Lizzie!

Tomorrow brings another unknown...bath time!