Lizzie Has a Visitor

Lizzie was very perky for her walk this morning. She raced to get up close and personal with so many squirrels that I lost count.

Her eye was quite crusty this morning. It took several cotton balls to clean it out before dosing her with the cyclosporin drops. She ate her breakfast of Natural Choice and a little broth and then took her Flagyl very easily.

I gave Lizzie a soft carrot toy that started out as a toy for the bunnies. She had some good fun with it for a minute or so.

Janice, the woman from whom we adopted Lizzie, came by in the afternoon. We had not met her yet, and were very happy to do so today. Lizzie got so excited that she forgot her manners and jumped onto the couch to get right up in Janice's face. Her excitement reminded me of the phrase, "Happy, happy, joy, joy."

Janice brought us copies of Lizzie's health records and some photographs of her as a puppy.  She was (still is!) soooo cute!

After playing with a couple of squeaky latex toys she vomited some bile. The last time was a week ago. Poor girl! I cooked some more brown rice and mixed that in with her food for dinner. She'll get her 2nd dose of Flagyl in a couple of hours. I am really anxious to change her diet in hopes that it will stop these episodes from occurring any more.

Time to get her settled next to me on the sofa so she can get plenty of petting.