Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bath Time and the Dreaded Vacuum


Lizzie got her first bath yesterday morning. I got everything prepared ahead of time and then took her in. I had the quietest setting on the hand-held shower head and the rubber bath mat down. It wasn't easy keeping her on the mat and in the tub let me tell you. She tried to climb up my arm several times. It took a lot of patience and calm but we made it through without any real catastrophes. I wasn't able to give her the thorough bath I had hoped for, but hopefully as time goes on bath time will become easier. She got quite playful after her bath and later when she was almost dry, she received a thorough grooming. Her coat is even shinier and softer than it was.

When she had dried most of the way she got her collar back on. Only now she was sporting a cute pink heart tag that my husband had gotten for her. She IS a girl and should have a girly tag, right?

I've vacuumed twice since Lizzie's been here. Both times she simply avoids me and that noise making machine. She just hangs out in another room. She hasn't worked up the nerve to check it out when it's off yet, but hopefully that will come soon.

She's learning about permitted sofa time already. I don't want my doggies thinking that they can go up on the sofas whenever they want, so I make a production out of allowing them up. They watch while I put the doggy blanket down, and then I ask them if they want to come up. With Lizzie, since she's so nervous, I decided to only allow her up if she's picked up and put on the blanket. I've noticed several times when she's frightened of something her tendency is to want to jump up on the sofas. I discouraged her easily last night with just a sharp "NO!" and putting my hand up. She spent two hours next to me while I was watching a movie last night. She sure received a lot of petting during that time.

On our walk this morning a little terrier that lives nearby raced through the invisible fence to cause some trouble. Even though he was aggressive Lizzie kept fairly calm (considering he was trying to fight with her!) and I was able to get through to him to cease and desist.

She's so timid, but she seems consolable most of the time. She also seems to feel more secure when she can sit on my feet. She really couldn't be any sweeter!

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