I Will Miss Him Forever

Forget that whole thing about being prepared for the inevitable. 
There is no preparation for him not being here.
Forget that at 17 years of age, he lived much longer than most dogs.
I wanted him to set a world record for the oldest living dog.
Forget that he was just a dog and not a human.
I don’t believe that whole “just” an animal thing.

He may have been discarded by someone else, but he became my treasured, loyal, loving, and adoring best little friend for nearly 15 years.

He's only (?!) been gone for a 5-1/2 hours - I MISS HIM. I AM SAD. I am wondering how long it'll take before I quit expecting him here...there...everywhere!

23 Oct 1991 - 09 Jun 2008

His ashes will join Sydney's when they come home later this week.