Lizzie Hits the Jackpot

Lizzie did well on her walk this morning. She wasn't as timid as she was yesterday. She ate her breakfast of Natural Choice and brown rice, followed by her Flagyl. I took her for a quick walk right before we left at 9 a.m. She didn't want to go into her ex-pen in the living room, so I picked her up and set her in her bed. I gave her two treats and left. It's hard not saying goodbye, but I'm committed to doing it this way to prevent separation anxiety.

When we arrived home I quietly let her out of the ex-pen and took her outside for a potty break. She trotted to the end of the Flexi-Lead over and over again staring out beyond the yard. I get the feeling that she would run away in a heartbeat, which makes me totally paranoid of her getting loose!

I had so much fun shopping for her today and returned home with:

So far she's really happy with her Gumabone. We took some video of her chewing on it right after giving it to her. If it turns out that she's an avid chewer, rather than an average chewer, I'll get her a Nylabone instead. Safety first, right?

She receives her last Flagyl tablet tonight. I hope the gastroenteritis is gone. I'll start mixing the Blue Buffalo food (1/4 new to 3/4 existing food) in with the Natural Choice next week.

Currently she is napping next to me on the sofa after chewing voraciously on her Gumabone. She seems so relaxed and that makes me so happy!