Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Gift of Companionship

This Christmas I'm thinking out of the box. My gift under the tree isn't in a box wrapped in shiny paper. No, my gift is Lizzie—her companionship. Everyday. Around-the-clock. All year. Not just for those special days like birthdays and Christmas...She is with me when my family is away or busy. Her constant, quiet, timid demeanor is a true comfort to me. I try to be a comfort to her, as well. I'm offering her pep talks so she'll get in her bed even though there is now a towering tree and scary boxes above it. I'm coaxing her past the basket on the floor in the hall and the decorated broom by the front door. I think it helps. I hope it helps.

She's generally extremely quiet but acts outrageously silly with her toys and when on the shore of the river. She's quite frightened of the wind and thunderstorms in the house but isn't afraid to go outside in the rain, wind, or snow. She loves the snow! Even more than playing at the beach. Watching her enjoy herself free from the things that worry her makes me happier than any gift in a box ever could. 

She's so patient while I take care of her eye, give her a 'Peticure', groom her, and brush her teeth. She never seems to assume it's time to eat or go outside. She simply waits for the cues and then gets appropriately excited. When I find myself worrying about things or a little sad Lizzie is always nearby. Taking her for a walk. Talking to her. Petting her. She is my constant companion. Her presence is my comfort, and, yes, joy! 


Cyn said...

This is so very eloquent, V...and so sweet. I needed this today. Thank you!

Virginia Hill said...

Thank you, Cyn! Our best to your sweet companion, Luna!