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Family Research News for November to December 2011


Note: Genealogy takes dedication. I was seriously dedicated to researching and recording my family’s history for many years. However, after too many struggles, too much expense, and endless brick walls I_just_STOPPED. I’ve only recently realized I’m feeling motivated and curious enough to try again. I hope I’m rewarded enough to stick with it. Discoveries can feel exulting!

It is currently 29 May 2022 and the following notes were from 2011; I have little recollection of the information. I've decided to backdate this post so I can start fresh with current updates.  

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Most of the following items were acquired or updated between October and December 2011. Any research and updates I've done since then has in fits and spurts since. The CARVALHO updates are courtesy of a third cousin, who gave me some information on my second great-uncle, his wife, and two children.

My first cousin twice removed, Lucile Marie KANE, passed away on Thanksgiving Day 2011. She was a font of information, passionate about researching our KANE relatives, and supplied me with photos and documents. Even though we only spoke on the phone a few times we communicated via email and U.S. mail a great deal.

Latest Discoveries and Acquisitions

  • Lewis FINCH and Sarah (LAMB) FINCH
  • Charles Frederick HILL
  • Charles TULLIS and Genevieve (HANNAN) TULLIS (gravestone)
  • Nellie (KANE) BARRINGER (gravestone)

Birth Certificates/Records
  • William Edward McCOY, Jr.
  • Richard Finn McCOY
  • Edward WASHBURN
  • Harry Harrison WASHBURN

Marriage Licenses/Certificates/Records
  • Ernest Talfred HILL and Margaret Beatrice (HANNAN) HILL (2nd marriage license found, this one 8 years after the first)
  • Hazel Bell HILL and Albert Dawson BECK
  • Mary KANE and Matthew McCORMICK
  • Mary KANE and Matthew McCORMICK (church record)
  • William McCOY and Sernetta SWEENEY
  • Gilbert WASHBURN and Mary E. COOPER

Divorce Records
  • Lewis GREENO, Sr. and Grace KEHOE

1880 U.S. Census Record
  • John Richard HILL and family

1900 U.S. Census Record
  • Alfred HUMPHRIES
  • Charles KANE
  • Herbert KANE

1930 U.S. Census Record
  • William Edward McCOY, Sr. and family

Added Data for the Following Individuals

  • Manuel Germaine CARVALHO
  • Maria Perreira (MARTIN) CARVALHO
  • Ernest Martin CARVALHO
  • Olivia Angeline (CARVALHO) STEFFENS
  • Matilda Harriet (KNAPP) HILL
  • William Edward McCOY, Sr.
  • Ella (FINN) McCOY
  • Richard Finn McCOY
  • Emma MOEHLE
  • Fred P. OLDS

Latest Requests and Queries

  • Requested a search for the death certificate for James McCORMICK (Return: No record on file)

Latest Contributions 

  • Updated the Geni Profiles of the above individuals, added numerous documents, merged several duplicates, and removed many unrelated matches.
  • Added data and photos to several Find A Grave memorial pages.
  • Published over 100 documents to the KANE Family Document Album at Flickr
  • Submitted alternate information and corrections to

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