Lizzie Meets the Neighbors


What type of neighbors are the most important to a dog than other dogs? On the way home from our walk yesterday Lizzie had a chance to meet up with the three large dogs from across the street, who were out with their humans for some exercise. When they first approached us Lizzie went behind me and sat with her back to my legs and more importantly, to the BIG dogs. While the humans were chatting, the big dogs patiently waited and Lizzie ventured farther from me. The big dogs laid down. Lizzie laid down (still behind me.) The female dog was more curious about Lizzie. I was remembering how grouchy Lizzie had been with the little Maltese earlier in the month, but she was behaving quite differently with these dogs. After a number of minutes she and the female introduced themselves, nose-to-nose with no growling or grumbling. What good girls! All-in-all everyone was on their best behavior.

Last evening I was settling in to my recliner to read. Lizzie's bed was next to me, where I could reach down to pet her. I was quite surprised when she sat directly in front of me and politely asked to come up. She hasn't done that since she first came and we were having thunderstorms nearly every night. I put a blanket on my lap and up she popped. She settled down immediately and stayed there for two hours! I had to shift quite a bit, as my legs were going to sleep, but even as I moved about trying to get comfortable, Miss Lizzie didn't budge. Several times she turned her head around, resting it on my shoulder and staring sweetly into my face. "How could you be any more adorable?" I asked her. She couldn't be is my answer.

We went out for our walk before 6:30 this morning. I don't know if it can be attributed to the fact that it was cooler or because she was just happier, but she did lots of "zoom zooms" this morning. Ears back, smile in place, and her legs racing like crazy. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Lizzie style. Whee!