Lizzie and the Rainy Day

Yesterday morning was the first morning since Lizzie's been with us that it rained. She's made great progress in regards to shying. She goes in and out of the doors without cowering most times, and while we're on our walks she hardly ever spooks and runs anymore. However, I was quite concerned about how she would react to an umbrella, when one was finally required. I am pleased to write that she didn't pay the slightest bit of attention to it. Not even when it opened quickly and with a swoosh. What a brave girl, Lizzie!

Even though it was very humid and buggy this morning, I made sure to tack on a few minutes to make up for yesterday's exercise deficit. I love when she gets those little spurts of energy and takes off running. Her ears go back and her smile gets bigger (yes, Corgis do smile!) and her little legs are so quick they blur. I tell her, "Zoom, zoom, Lizzie, zoom zoom!" It seems to motivate her. She's also learned to slow down before hitting the end of the Flexi-Lead...she's so smart!

When we got back I put her up on the table where I wiped some of the wetness from her underside, and then applied her monthly dose of Frontline Plus. She ate her breakfast (inhaled it really) and then followed me around while I did some chores.

She seems relieved when chore time is over and she's allowed up on the sofa. I can tell she loves it! It's one of my favorite times of the day too. She's next to me, where I can easily give her attention, while I'm reading, watching television, or on my computer.
I am so grateful for this little dog AND all of her precious parts...