Lizzie Gets the Works

The works meaning groomed to the max. I trimmed and filed her nails yesterday, which is a feat in itself given that the blade in my guillotine nail trimmers is quite dull. Thankfully the dog nail file is still in good condition.This morning I cleaned her ears using Veterinarian's Best Ear Wash and triple sized cotton balls. Corgi ears really don't get all that dirty, so a light and gentle swabbing is all it takes to keep their foxy ears in top shape.

After the ears it was tooth brushing time. Even though I have a triple sided toothbrush and a regular dog tooth brush my doggies have always preferred having their teeth done with a finger brush. Lizzie is no exception. It also helps that she LOVES the doggy toothpaste a lot.

Then it was time to use the undercoat rake and finally the gentle slicker. She particularly enjoys this part. I think she feels fairly safe and secure given that she's on plush non-skid rug on top of a sturdy table.

I carried her upstairs to the bathroom where I put her in the tub with a rubber mat and secured her with a nylon grooming noose to the imbedded porcelain handle on the shower wall. This was her second bath since she's been here, and things went much smoother this time. I use a combination of the hand-held shower head and a plastic quart-sized container to bathe her. The gentle hypoallergenic (soap free) dog shampoo cleans and rinses really well. This time she calmed down enough so that I was able to thoroughly massage the shampoo in and rinse it really well, including between the pads on her paws. I toweled her off and lifted out of the tub, where she proceeded to race about shaking wildly. She looked relieved that it was all over. (Whew!)

Back downstairs she was looking expectantly at the sofa. I don't want her thinking that she’s always allowed up on the sofa, but I felt that she deserved to after all of the "terrible" stuff I'd done to her this morning. She settled on her little blanket, where she started licking her wet fur and washing her face.

I tried to get video of her, but she quit moving as soon as I had my mobile phone ready to record. I ended up taking the photo above. Doesn't she look absolutely distraught over the whole grooming ordeal? NOT! Now our sweet Lizzie is smelling sweeter by far.