Lizzie Don't Want No Stinkin' Fleas

The other night I saw something on Lizzie's cheek and I thought I was hallucinating. Yesterday, I saw two "somethings" crawling on the surface of her coat. I knew THESE were not hallucinations but F-L-E-A-S! I literally have not seen a flea since 1995, when my two dogs, Sydney and Tucker, became infested while living in Oregon. (I remedied their problem with Adams Flea and Tick Dip.) I still can't believe that Lizzie has them. It HAS been 13 years since an animal of mine had them. The two I found wandering around on my sweet girl yesterday were pre-adults (dazed or dying already.) I dosed Lizzie with Frontline Plus on June 15th and then bathed her (with hypoallergenic dog shampoo) on the 17th. However, she was so nervous for her bath I was unable to do a thorough job. To tell you the truth I use Frontline to keep ticks off. I haven't given fleas a thought!  I still have two flea combs, and I'm thankful that her skin is mostly pink. That makes finding fleas much easier. She's been chewing and scratching. It looked like she was digging AT something, and not just I know why!

Since her next dosing of Frontline isn't due for two weeks I'm not sure what to do other than search out and destroy them individually. Of course, I'm hoping it was just the two...yes, I know, I am in denial.

She had a good day yesterday. This morning she was literally running circles around me on her Flexi-Lead. She was so happy! It did my heart good watching that compact little body running with such glee. Seeing that cute little Corgi butt trotting ahead of me (I know I am supposed to be the leader, but she is not dominant in any way) is just so cute!

Her digestive system seems back to normal this morning.  She received her monthly dose of Interceptor this morning. She didn't vomit yesterday. Her eye hasn't had a lot of discharge of late. She has a great appetite and she follows me around the house like she has a job. Whee!

She loves her new food and treats. She loves her Gumabone and I think she is beginning to love it here with us. She is still flighty, but I really believe that she's settling in.