A Creature of Habit


I find most things about Lizzie to be adorable (smitten mom here), but she has established a particularly cute routine since she got her new Nylabone last Monday. Here it is:

Each morning when I sit down with my breakfast and raise the foot rest on the sofa, Lizzie jumps into her bed (her front end only) and pounces on her Nylabone. First she just pokes it, but then she grabs it and takes it over to the opposite end of the rug, where she drops it on the hardwood floor. She then slides it around with a paw before pouncing on it again.

After picking it up and dropping it several times she settles down to chew on it. The chewing lasts only a minute or so, but she has done this five mornings in a row so far. I really must take video of this little fun and game time.

Today is the one month anniversary of seeing Lizzie the first time. We're all so attached to this little dog already, and I feel particularly fortunate to have been blessed with another wonderful canine companion.


Margaret Hill said…
[Originally posted Sat, 12 Jul 2008.]

How adorable! Yes, please do take video of Lizzie doing this.
Virginia Hill said…
Different house. Different "habit". I will attempt to get a video of her doing her new "thing"! It's adorable in a slightly different way. :)