Audiobook Review: How to Get Lucky by Lauren Blakely & Joe Arden

Narrator(s): Joe Arden & Maxine Mitchell   
Rating: Five out of five stars
Published: 01/14/2021
Publisher: Blakely Arden Books
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance


A sexy stand-alone romance written by number one New York Times best-selling author Lauren Blakely and award-winning romance narrator Joe Arden!

Every man knows there are lines you don't cross. Like this one - don't bang your boss' little sister.

Too bad I didn't know sexy, clever, irresistible London is related to the guy who signs my paychecks. Would have been helpful to have that intel before I took her out on that first date, before I kissed her on the beach, before I made plans to take her home that night.

But now I know, and I'm going to be so damn disciplined. I'm a good guy, after all. And good guys don't break the golden rules of the bro code. I'm going to follow the heck out of all the rules. I won't break a single damn one.

Even when London asks me to help her with a work project. One that has us working late every night, all alone, in my tiny apartment.

One that tests every ounce of willpower I have. One that is driving me out of my ever loving mind. But I resist.

Until the night she issues a challenge I can't refuse.

The audiobook includes cameo appearances from Erin Mallon, Emma Wilder, and Maxine Mitchell!


How to Get Lucky is another very successful collaboration between Lauren Blakely and romance audiobook narrator, Joe Arden. However, this is their first time writing together. (This is Joe’s first book as an author!) And let me tell you, they did 'good'! Exceptionally so. Joe essentially narrated the entire book but Erin Mallon, Emma Wilder, and Maxine Mitchell make appearances periodically to HYSTERICALLY voice the text message conversations between besties London, Olive, and Emery. Teddy is a disc jockey and London is a choreographer making their occupations complimentary. That's made wonderfully apparent by the clever music metaphors from both throughout the book. For a forbidden love story, I feel they kept the angst levels reasonable and concentrated on Teddy and London’s flirty and sparky connection, which was AWESOME! This book was humorous, heartfelt, and hot. I laughed so much and completely fell in love with the characters and their precious doggies! And as if the book wasn't special enough there were bonus epilogues, outtakes, and Joe answering questions submitted by readers at the end. I say, give them all the shiny rating stars for making me feel so lucky for being their reader/listener! 🥰