Friday, April 29, 2011

Book Review: Silent Mercy by Linda Fairstein

Title: Silent Mercy
Series: Alexandra Cooper #13
Author: Linda Fairstein
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Published: 03/08/2011
Publisher: Signet
Genre(s): Contemporary Mystery, Crime Fiction


New York Times bestselling author Linda Fairstein is at her explosive best as she plunges into the byzantine world of New York City’s most powerful and sacred institutions—and unearths the most sinister of secrets…

Prosecutor Alexandra Cooper has been called to a Harlem Baptist Church, where a woman has been decapitated and set on fire on the church steps—with the imprint of a Star of David necklace seared into her flesh. Then a second body is found at a cathedral in Little Italy. Alex is blind to the sick and inconceivable motives feeding a particularly vicious serial killer—until she mines the depths of the city’s vast and serpentine religious history.

What Alex follows is a dangerous path that takes her far beyond the scope of her investigation, and directly into the path of a frightening and inescapable truth.


Silent Mercy is my 10th Alexandra Cooper Mystery and just like with the others I found the historical parts quite interesting. The story moves along at a good pace. The team of Alex, Mike, and Mercer is a strong one. They get the job done! The search and capture of the "clergy killer" was uniquely riveting. My main complaint with this series is how discourteous Mike is to Alex. He belittles her to just about everyone and she just takes it in stride. I'd really like to see that stop!


Anonymous said...

Hey Va, I just might have to read a book or two of Linda Fairstein. This has struck my interest. thanks for the info.

Mary Jo

Virginia Hill said...

The investigations are more methodical than exciting, but I always find the background and history fascinating. Entombed is still my favorite! Hope you enjoy her books too, MJ!