Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pecans From Heaven

Each day when Lizzie and I head out the door for our walk I try to instill confidence into my timid little girl. This morning she was on the lookout for anything that might fall from the sky and get her, as usual. Only this morning her feelings of dread were right on. Just as we set foot on the street a pecan fell from the heavens (okay, just a really tall tree) hitting a nearby car with a BANG! We were both startled, only I was okay with proceeding, while Lizzie did a 180 to head home!

They continued falling as we walked down our street, but mercifully we made it passed without getting conked ourselves.

Lizzie was very suspicious when we approached the trees on the way home. She couldn't be any more alert—her head jerking back and forth, and yes, UP. When we reached the door, I could almost hear her sigh of relief when she made it inside. Safe, at last.

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