A Leap of Faith


As much as Lizzie enjoys our walks, each time we walk by our mini-van she stops and looks up at it longingly. I let her know that it's time for a walk not for a ride, which she accepts after one or two more reminders.

This afternoon I took her out for a quick potty break, and at the last minute I decided to bring her with me to pick up my daughter from school. Normally she wears her harness for our walks and to secure her with the shoulder belt in the van. However, I did not go back in the house to get it.

When we arrived home I opened the sliding door and picked up her Flexi-Lead. Before I could attach it to her collar, she took a mad dive off of the seat landing several feet away on the ground. She's never attempted anything like that before and I have no idea what frightened her, but it nearly gave me a heart attack!

I don't think I'll be neglecting to put the harness on Lizzie again. Safety first, even for doggies!