Soggy Doggy

Lizzie is one clean Corgi. She doesn't have "doggy breath" or any other doggy odor and one year since her last bath she wasn't even dingy looking. You'd think that would have earned her a reprieve from getting a bath today. NOT! It seemed like a great way to rush the shedding along and a little refreshing couldn't hurt...right?  

She got to eat breakfast and go for a walk before it was time to get down to the "dirty details" - 'Peticure', brushing, and THE BATH. It was only a few minutes in the tub followed by a brisk toweling and a quick misting of leave-in conditioner. She even got to race around and rub on the carpet before having to descend the treacherous stairs back to her preferred level of the house - closer to access "outside!" (<----a favorite keyword of hers!)

She's presently alternating between sleeping and fussing. I messed her up something terrible, you know. I'll give her a quick straightening with the slicker brush in a little while. When she's fully dry I'll brush another Corgi's worth of fur off of her. That will assure it ends up in the trash can instead of everywhere else! Being a "neat freak" with a shedding Corgi in the house ain't easy but she's worth all the brushing, flicking, shaking, and vacuuming I can imagine!

"Water Torture"

Scary Stairs

The "Nightmare" is Over