Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Family Research News for 04 Mar 2009

I received four newspaper items for my great-grandaunt, Hattie (HILL) MUSCH, from the Medina County District Library. She died in 1945, which put her one year beyond Ancestry's Ohio Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2002 database. I was unable to locate her death certificate in Family Search Lab's Ohio Deaths 1908 - 1953 database after many attempts and every search criteria I could think of. The Ohio Historical Society recently made it possible to purchase death certificates for the years 1909 - 1912 and from 1945 - 1953 through their online store. Their Ohio Death Certificate Index currently covers the years 1913 - 1944. I ordered the certificate on February 27 and received notice that it was shipped the next day.

Latest Discoveries and Acquisitions

  • WWI Draft Record for Antone Costa Lindo
  • Received several Washburn and Little documents from a cousin in England.
Added the Following Individuals to the Tree:

  • Agnes Anne Lloyd
  • Alfred Sydney Lloyd
  • Ellen Lloyd
  • Marshall Burns Lloyd
  • Margaretta Ephesia Lloyd
  • William Jamieson

(Above information supplied by Marshall Davies Lloyd.)

  • Charlana Washburn
  • Rosanna Washburn
  • Joseph Washburn
  • Harriet Washburn
  • Mary Washburn
  • Judy Washburn
  • Susan Washburn

Added Data for the Following Individuals:

  • Joao Germano Carvalho
  • Maria das Merces de Mattos
  • Maria Augusta Carvalho
  • Manuel Carvalho
  • Joseph Carvalho
  • Carolina Carvalho
  • John Carvalho Jr.
  • Marian Carvalho
  • Antone Carvalho
  • Sarah (Carvalho) Sylvester
  • Antone Costa Lindo
  • Paul Costa Lindo
  • Harold Costa Lindo.

Requests and Queries

  • Ordered a court record for Richard Harrison Washburn from the Colorado State Archives.
  • Ordered a death certificate for Hattie (Hill) Musch from the Ohio Historical Society.

Latest Contributions

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