Doggy Keywords


I'm a doggy talker, are you? You know, one of THOSE people who talk to their dogs—a lot! If you do, then your dogs probably have KEYWORDS. Those words, when heard in the midst of lots of other words get their attention.

I've been thinking about Lizzie's keywords a lot these days. The longer you and your dog are together, the more specific words spark their interest.

Of course, changing your tone to a doggy friendly one can assist you in identifying your dogs keywords.

With Lizzie it goes something like this...

"I was thinking about going for a WALK, does Lizzie wanna go for a WALK?" Head tilts, eyes open wide, ears are alert, and then she takes off for the door.

I figure she probably hears, "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah WALK blah Lizzie blah blah blah blah WALK!"

Same goes for RIDE, BISCUIT, GOODY, TREAT, GO and a few others.

I also noticed how well she knows her "new" name. She was Ginny for almost 5 years and has only been Lizzie for 9 months. Talking to dogs has its rewards, especially when they respond to their keywords so adorably.