Book Review: Bless the Bride by Rhys Bowen

Title: Bless the Bride
Series: Molly Murphy Mystery #10
Author: Rhys Bowen
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Published: 03/01/2011
Publisher: Minotaur Books
Genre(s): Historical Fiction, Mystery


With Molly Murphy’s wedding to NYPD Captain Daniel Sullivan quickly approaching, the Irish sleuth heads to the Westchester County countryside, where his mother can lend her a hand and advise her on a bride’s proper place. And shockingly, Molly seems to be agreeing. She has already promised that she’ll close up her PI business and settle down after marrying, but she isn’t a married woman yet. So, when she gets word of a possible case, she sneaks back into the city to squeeze in a little more sleuthing before the wedding bells can ring.

A wealthy Chinese immigrant wants her to find his missing bride, and Molly---sure she isn’t getting the whole story---suspects that his bride ran off. But where could she go? The only Chinese women in early-twentieth-century New York are kept under lock and key, and Molly can’t help but wonder if she’s saving the woman from the streets or helping to lock her away for good.

Rhys Bowen’s deft touch and charming wit make Bless the Bride another stellar addition to her Anthony and Agatha Award--winning historical series.


Mollie is such a likable character. I find her to be genuine, curious, intelligent, and loyal. She has an innate goodness even when she’s doing something she shouldn’t—like keeping things from her fiancé. I enjoyed Bless the Bride immensely! The historical aspect was fascinating, as were all the characters. I couldn’t be more pleased with the ending. It was fabulously romantic with just a hint of things to come. Marriage can’t tame Molly completely no matter how much she loves Daniel. She will remain true to her basic nature by continuing to get into difficult situations and solving cases, assuring us fans of future adventures in this delightful series.