The Power of Nature - One Year Later

Of the many thousands of photos I’ve taken in my lifetime, surely this one will remain the I-was-in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time winner. (The lush spring grass bathed in the sun's glow lasted only minutes.) It was three days after losing my precious Lizzie, and I was crying as I walked. (I remember having to wipe the tears from my eyes to see the image on my phone.) I normally do whatever I can to avoid capturing power lines, but in this photo, they starkly represent the dichotomy of humans vs. nature. One year later and I still feel blessed that I was there, at that precise moment, to experience it.  

Digital photograph of a rural San Diego road by Virginia Hill taken with an iPhone 8 Plus on 03/31/2018. Some Rights Reserved (please see Creative Commons License in the sidebar.)