Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dream Reader

Since I started reading eBooks in 2008, I've read about 800 of them on a tiny (3-1/2") iPod touch. I had quite a few digital reading apps but have bought Kindle books exclusively since 2009. Being of a practical nature I appreciated the versatility of my little iPod, the fact that I already had it (thanks to my sister, who gave it to me!), and that it fit in my pocket. Inwardly, however, I dreamed of reading on a Kindle device someday. I kinda hoped I'd win one in one of the dozens of contests I'd entered, but dagnabit, I didn't!

Then, last Wednesday after much internal debate and admittedly, some queasiness, I bought a Kindle Paperwhite for myself from my very own wish list! After it arrived Thursday I excitedly began the process to truly make it mine: registering it, naming it, adding a personal description, changing my Kindle email address and downloading my Kindle books into the Collections that "magically" showed up from the Cloud! I went a step further in personalizing it when I ordered a Skinit to match the one on my laptop computer. I justified that expense by not having to purchase a case. I have my daughter to thank for letting me have her old case. The one I bought to protect the Kindle I got her for her birthday last year. She got herself a Snoopy case for her birthday this year, and that Marware Jurni case I thought was the ideal Kindle case has been re-purposed for my Paperwhite. It really is ideal...for me, anyway. 

My new dream (e)Reader is housing my current Kindle collection of nearly 650 books and can hold up to 1,100, so I have a ways to go before I'll have to be selective. I've set it up to receive future Authorgraphs and have already sent all my current ones to it. 

I've wanted a Kindle for so many years and the Paperwhite is this voracious reader's dream come true. I hope I always maintain my sense of awe over the wonders of personal technology. I certainly appreciate my devices—my windows to the world, as I refer to them. Aren't they beautiful? 

Purple Passion Skinit with my custom designed personal logo!

The black Marware Jurni case looks great with the Skinit!

My Studio laptop, 4th gen iPod touch, and iPhone 5 all dressed up in purple!
*Update: January 2016* New laptop. Same Kindle. New skins. Thanks, Santa! I still have the iPod touch, too. Photo taken with iPhone 6 Plus. w00t!