A Natural Enchantment

Technically, this was the second snow of the season; this one occurred magically overnight. Quietly. I heard nothing of its descent as I lay comfy and warm inside listening to my audiobook. Then, not-so-bright and early this morning, I spied the predawn blue-tinted winter wonderland of my front yard. It sparkled in the limited light and was downy soft—so very fluffy. At that point I was only mesmerized by the beauty of it. Too soon though, I had to consider the mechanics of clearing a path and a vehicle.

Although I have been on the east coast for many years I will always have been from Southern California, where snow was a magical and mysterious thing which happened everywhere but there. The weather here is such that I can wear sandals most of the time; snow boots are a necessity only every few years. The same goes for gloves. This morning, however, if I had had the appropriate attire, I would have gladly remained outside for much longer.

Be warm and safe where you are. I plan to cuddle up with my Corgi, a cup of coffee, and a good book!