Music to My Ears

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 I am beyond thrilled with the music I've gotten (176 songs and 6 videos) since my last update. Although there are times when I desire nothing but quiet there are certainly those times when I feel the need for the mood enhancement I receive from listening to music. Whether I want to check out, close my eyes, and pay particular attention to the subtleties and lyrics of a meaningful tune or be motivated by the beat and bass of a song with oomph, music is much more than what I listen to.

My days of listening to the radio have been over for many years, and, as a listener, I much prefer the choices of today - being able to sample every song before I buy it, buying only the ones I choose, using Genius recommendations to be introduced to similar music, benefitting from the expertise of the talented music supervisors from the television and motion picture industries, not having to worry about music CDs becoming damaged or where to keep them, and having a basically unlimited amount of songs available to me to listen to wherever I want - computer, iPod, BlackBerry, home entertainment system, and vehicle. The times are changing, and when it comes to my listening pleasure, I am stoked about them!

"Mostly it [music] amazes me. Music helps you shift perspective. To see things differently if you need to." ~ Walter Bishop (Fringe S5E1) Well said, Walter. I agree wholeheartedly!

Thanks to my husband for the iTunes Gift Cards for Mother's Day, our anniversary, and my birthday. He knows what I want: music and books!!!

(Note: The artist names are linked to their Wikipedia pages and song links are to YouTube videos. The singles featured are (mostly) those who have corresponding videos on the artists' official channels.)


Various Artists

Catch and Release Soundtrack (from a movie I've watched & enjoyed numerous times)

Alex Clare [alternative/pop]
The Lateness of the Hour (<---- album preview video. Purchased Too Close in early April. Alex Clare is SO much more than the IE9 song guy. This is an amazing album!)

The Black Keys [alternative/rock] (With the addition of these three albums my TBK playlist is 85 songs strong! Probably my default favorite band based on how much I seek their music out!)
The Big Come Up
Magic Potion

Ed Sheeran [singer/songwriter]
+ (including Give Me Love which was featured on the Dangerous Liaisons episode of Vampire Diaries, Drunk, Small Bump, and The A Team. Ed has some kind of wonderful voice. Lovely and lyrical!)

Gavin DeGraw [pop]
Sweeter (Due to some seriously flawed reasoning this album slumbered in my wish list since it was released last year. I've since made up for lost time by listening to it a lot, particularly its self-titled single, Sweeter, which I am crazy about!)

Gotye [alternative]  (Introduced to me by my daughter, whom we gifted with the album for her excellent grades!)
Making Mirrors (including the singles Somebody That I Used to Know, State of the Art, Eyes Wide Open, Easy Way Out, and Bronte.

Jack White [alternative]
Blunderbuss (including Freedom At 21, Sixteen Saltines, and my favorites, Hypocritical Kiss, and Love Interruption)

John Mayer [rock]
Born and Raised (including Shadow Days, Queen of California, Something Like Olivia, and Speak for Me)

The Lumineers [alternative/folk rock]
The Lumineers (featuring the single, Ho Hey, I first heard on the season 8 premiere episode of Bones. They are currently one of my favorite "listens"!)

Maroon 5 [pop]
Overexposed (including the singles Payphone and One More Night)

P!nk [pop] (P!nk is probably my main girl crush and is the coolest woman I can think of. There isn't a single song on this album that doesn't grab me. She is an amazing woman - talent, looks, outspokenness, and smarts!)

The Truth About Love {including the singles All We All We Are, How Come You're Not Here, Try, Slut Like You, and Blow Me (One Last Kiss)}

Train [pop]
California 37 (including Drive By, Bruises, and 50 Ways To Say Goodbye)


Caught a Ghost [alternative]
Time Go (Vimeo video)

The Chevin  [alternative]

Dobie Gray [R & B/soul]
Drift Away (one of those songs I can't believe I didn't already have! Thankfully I've heard it plenty via my husband's extensive classic/fossil/oldies playlists!)

Ima Robot [alternative]
Greenback Boogie (the theme song for the ultra-hip USA Network show, Suits. The song and show are perfectly "suited" to each other. Boogie is what you'll do when you hear it in its entirety!)

Lifehouse featuring Natasha Bedingfield [pop]
Between the Raindrops

Neon Trees [alternative]
Everybody Talks

Radiohead [alternative]
Pyramid Song

The Script featuring [pop]
Hall of Fame

What say you? Who are you listening to these days?