Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Music to My Ears


It's been five months since my last new music update and I'm thrilled with the awesome new tunes gracing my library and iPod. Alternative, rock, pop, and a soundtrack...REALLY good stuff!  I especially feel "with it" when my teenage daughter wants to listen to my music! w00t!

Broken Bells
The Ghost Inside (video)

The Civil Wars
Barton Hollow (video)

Florence + The Machine
Shake It Out (video) - (REALLY looking forward to having the entire Ceremonials Deluxe Album!)

The Fray
Heartbeat (video w/audio only) (their new album, Scars & Stories, is due out in February 2012!)

Jane's Addiction
Twisted Tales
Irresistible Force (video) - (these are my favorites so far...of course, I want the ENTIRE album!)

Jason Walker (the little known {why is that!?} pop artist from Illinois NOT the other guy!)
*Jason Walker (Down video w/audio and lyrics only)
*Midnight Starlight (Echo video w/audio and lyrics only)

Nothing In My Way

Kelly Clarkson
*Stronger (Mr. Know It All video)

Pearl Jam 
Nothing As It Seems
I Am Mine

Brand New Day (video)
Desert Rose (video)
A Thousand Years

Switchfoot (this band from San Diego has become a favorite in recent months)
*Vice Verses (Dark Horses video)

Various Artists
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I (A Thousand Years official video)

Woman (first heard this during a commercial for Covert Affairs)

*denotes entire album/EP

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Anonymous said...

I like that Switchfoot band...heard several songs and did not know who they were. Now I do...