Book Review: Mr. Darcy's Proposal by Susan Mason-Milks

Title: Mr. Darcy's Proposal
Series: Standalone
Author: Susan Mason-Milks
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Published: 09/21/2011
Publisher: White Soup Press
Genre(s): Historical Fiction, Romance


"A Pride and Prejudice "What If?" Story

This retelling of Pride and Prejudice asks “what if” events prevented Fitzwilliam Darcy from proposing to Elizabeth Bennet that day at Hunsford parsonage? Darcy arrives with marriage on his mind, only to find that Elizabeth has just received news her father is critically ill and probably dying. In the process of offering his help to her in traveling home, he discovers what she really thinks of him—and it’s not good. Should Darcy deliver Elizabeth home to be with her family and then disappear from her life, or will he propose another kind of help? Will Elizabeth be willing to sacrifice her future happiness to save her family from financial ruin? Or, do she and Darcy, two very stubborn people, have a chance of finding happiness together? "


Yes, I very much liked this book, but more importantly after reading it I find myself even more enamored of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy. I think this is a true testament to how beautifully Susan Mason-Milks crafted this "what if" version of Pride and Prejudice. I purchased it on a whim, which is so unlike me. I am so pleased I made that impulsive decision. To be able to spend so much time with Lizzy and Darcy was heavenly! I so loved being privy to what each was thinking and why they made the choices they did. Although I found it beautifully written I felt it was thankfully "modernized" to a degree. That allowed me to follow the story more easily instead of struggling with the words, as I did when I read the original work several years ago.

There were several passages I highlighted, but this one made me praise Darcy for his insight...

When Darcy entered the sitting room, Elizabeth was standing at the window. Crossing the room in a few quick steps, he put his arms around his wife. It was something he was learning to do when she was out of sorts. At first, he has tried offering solutions to her problem and he could not understand why this sometimes made her even more upset. Finally, he discovered quite by accident that simply putting his arms around her and listening was all that was generally required.

As I neared the end of the book I found I was nowhere ready to leave Lizzy and William. What to do? Watch my favorite "movie" ever - the five hour BBC mini-series, or read Pride and Prejudice again. I think short order!