Total Eclipse of MY Heart

My daughter and I saw the first showing of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse at our local theater on opening day. I was surprised by the micro-conversations surrounding us—none of them sounded like "Twi-Hards." They didn't seem very familiar with the books, and only mildly so with the previous movies. Yet, they were there waiting well over an hour to see Eclipse. Was it merely a case of curiosity? Wanting to see what all the fuss was about? Hmmm. It was definitely not the case with my girl and me. We've each read the books 3 or more times. I've watched Twilight at least 50 times! (Seriously not kidding.) New Moon, I've seen maybe a dozen far.

The theater seating was highly uncomfortable and we were concerned over the obnoxiously loud boy accompanying his mother and sister. We were thankful when he calmed down. This is important stuff here. This is TWILIGHT!

Of course, most "Twi-Hards," like myself, will (or, want to) see it several times before it is released on DVD/Blu-ray, probably in November [December 4]. I count myself extremely fortunate that I got to see it again. The second time with my husband in an amazing megaplex complete with outstanding sound system, wide aisles, and loge seating. Wow, what a difference! 

My review with NO SPOILERS: 

The wait is over. My doubts over the choice of director are no more. The script finally shines and makes sense. The words that are merely spoken by the actors in the first two movies appear felt in this one. When Bella and Edward are together it feels like they should be, and not just because it is written that way. The Big Three (Kristen, Rob, and Taylor) turn in performances that are worthy of their much loved characters. The supporting cast deliver their limited lines competently and with feeling. Billy Burke (Charlie Swan) is still perfect. The scenery is seriously stunning! The soundtrack (and score, to a lesser degree) play less of a part in Eclipse than they did in Twilight and New Moon, but the music is well chosen/created.  (Stay for the credits to hear the final three songs.) The scenes I was most looking forward to were right on—the tent scene, the proposal, the battle, the back stories are all amazing! The presence of the Volturi was a tad undramatic, as was the building of the Newborn Army; but I totally forgive these tiny "imperfections." It is the big picture that is important, right? Overall, Eclipse blew my mind and secured my continuing devotion to this world that Stephenie Meyer created. I can't wait to get the movie companion book, music score, AND DVD when it comes out [UPDATE: I have 'em all!]. They 'done' GOOD and I want to experience Eclipse over and over!