Sunday, June 13, 2010

Life With Lizzie - Two Years and Counting

 Smiling for the Camera (6/13/10)

How do we celebrate this second anniversary? Quietly. That's how. Lizzie appreciates quiet and so do I.

 So, how shall we celebrate it?

  • Conversation and petting (she adores being talked to and loved up on)
  • Early morning potty break (keeping her eye out for anything that might "get her")
  • Clean and medicate her eye (that darn dry eye, poor baby)
  • A good breakfast (healthy, holistic, and gone in under two minutes!)
  • A nice walk (running, sniffing, and snapping at bugs included)
  • Playtime (TOY TIME...hooray!)
  • Potty and roll in the grass time
  • A biscuit (a teeny-tiny yummy organic one)
  • More conversation and petting (what sweet, perfectly mannered dog can get enough of that?)
  • A good dinner (ditto the breakfast)
  • Another potty break
  • Another biscuit
  • Even more 'convo' and petting
  • Time up on the bed with Mama
  • Happy dreams (complete with little woofs and toe twitching)

Nothing unusual, but always special with Lizzie. We are so thankful to have her with us!

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