The Carvalho Family

João Germano CARVALHO (anglicized to John Germaine CARVALHO) was my 2nd great-grandfather. He was born 28 Feb 1857 in San José, Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Azores. He immigrated to the Kingdom of Hawaii aboard the SS Highflyer's second trip from the Azores to Honolulu, arriving there 30 Apr 1881. He settled in the Hamakua District on Hawaii. On 10 Aug 1885 he married Maria das Mercês de MATTOS. She was born 01 Oct 1865 in Ponta Garça, São Miguel. She immigrated to the Kingdom of Hawaii with her parents and several siblings aboard the SS Bell Rock, arriving in Honolulu on 01 Nov 1883. They settled in as homesteaders in the Kainehe Homesteads. Through the years John worked in the cane fields, as a stonecutter, a farmer, and as a dairyman. They had 12 children that lived into adulthood. John was about 5'5" tall with dark hair and dark eyes. I've heard that he was a hard working man who drank a great deal. Maria was about 5'4" tall, also with dark hair and eyes, although she was blinded in her right eye sometime before 1930.

John and Maria at their
Kainehe Homestead

circa 1920

John CARVALHO, Sr. made this beautiful set for his wife, Maria. The tall pitcher is approximately 8 inches high; inscription "Mother" John Carvalho 1915. Creamer, inscribed "John Caravonud 1915," salt and pepper shakers and shot glass, inscribed "John Tovonud 1915." John and Maria migrated to San Francisco via the SS President Hayes 03 Oct 1930. They settled in Campbell, Santa Clara County, California. I'm not sure if John continued to work after arriving on the mainland, but I have heard that he may have worked on a dairy farm in Campbell. John died 21 Dec 1933 and Maria on 20 Nov 1948, both in Campbell, and they are buried at Santa Clara Mission Cemetery.

Obituary Abstract

Newspaper: San Jose Mercury Herald
Date Published: 22 Dec 1933
Page: 18
Residence: Campbell, California [54 Rincon Avenue]
Born: Portugal [28 Feb 1857 in San José, Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Azores]
Died: 21 Dec 1933 in Campbell, California
Occupation: (not mentioned) [sugar plantation laborer, farmer, dairyman]
Date of Service: 23 Dec 1933
Funeral Home: A. W. Nuttman
Clergy/Church: St. Martin’s Church
Cemetery: Santa Clara Catholic Cemetery [Santa Clara Mission Cemetery]
Family Mentioned: Mary [DeMATTOS] CARVELHO [CARVALHO] (wife);  Manuel (Hawaii), Joseph, John G. Jr., and Louis (sons in Campbell); Mrs. Adelbert [Maria] LONG, Mrs. Antone [Sarah] SYLVESTER, Mrs. Frank [Kate] MEDEIROS, Mrs. Joe [Marian] MARTIN (daughters in Hawaii); Mrs. M. [Mary] DAVIDSON (San Diego), Mrs. Manuel [Rose] CABRAL, Mrs. Joaquin [Carrie] MIRANDA (both of Campbell).
Other Information: Age 76 years.

Source:  Santa Clara County Historical & Genealogical Society

Maria and sister, Mary (DeMATTOS) BAPTISTE
Hilo, Hawaii, T.H.

Obituary Abstract

Newspaper: San Jose Mercury Herald
Date Published: Sunday, 21 Nov 1948
Page: 4, Column 1
Name: Mary G. Carvalho [Maria de Mattos Carvalho]
Residence: Campbell, CA
Born: [date not mentioned] San Miguel, Azores
Died: 20 Nov 1948
Occupation: [not mentioned]
Date of Service: Tuesday, 23 Nov 1948
Funeral Home: A.W. Nuttman Funeral Home, Santa Clara
Church: Saint Lucy’s Church, Campbell, CA
Cemetery: Santa Clara Catholic [Mission] Cemetery, San Jose, CA
Family Mentioned: John G. Carvalho; sons, Manuel, Joseph, John, and Louis; daughters, Mrs. A. [Maria Augusta] Long, Mrs. A. [Sarah] Sylvester, Mrs. Kate Maderias [Medeiros], Mrs. F. [Mary] Davidson, Mrs. M. [Rose] Cabral, Mrs. J. [Carrie] Miranda and Mrs. J.A. [Marian] Martin; sisters, Rose [Maria Rosa] De Mattos]  Waltjen of Oakland, CA, Mrs. Estralia [Maria Stella DeMattos] Cabral of Honolulu, and Mrs. Mary [DeMattos] Baptiste of Hilo.  30 grandchildren and 40 great-grandchildren.
Other Information: Age 84 years.

Source:  Santa Clara County Historical and Genealogical Society

Maria, Lau Chung
and daughters, Rose and Hilda

Honolulu, T.H.

Maria Augusta CARVALHO (my great-grandmother) was born 21 Nov 1884 in Paauilo. She was the first child of John and Maria. She married LAU Chung 09 Dec 1912 in Kaneohe. They had three children: Rose LYU [LAU] (my grandmother) who, according to her birth record, was born 13 Oct 1913 on Iwilei Road in Honolulu; LAU Kui Kyau (Hilda) born 21 Apr 1916 at the family home at 1223 Alani Street in Honolulu, and Alexander CHONG who was born 18 Aug 1918 at Queen's Hospital in Honolulu. LAU Chung passed away 11 Apr 1918 from heart disease. On 27 July 1918 Maria took Rose and Hilda to the Kalihi Valley Orphanage, where they remained until shortly after Maria married Delbert Warren LONG (born 01 Sep 1892 in Lawrence, Essex County, MA) on 09 Apr 1920 at Fort Street Catholic Church. In 1923, before the birth of their second child, Delbert LONG left and was never heard from again. Maria remained at her home on Alani Street for many years. She helped care for some of her grandchildren and later, I believe, her great-grandchildren. She spent her later years with a grandson and his family in Kailua, where those who knew her marveled at her spunk and humor. I saw my great-grandmother 3 times; once when I was a child, once as a teenager, and the last time in 1980 when she was 96 years of age. She had had a stroke which left her in a wheelchair but her mind and wit were sharp. The family hoped to have a 100th birthday celebration for her but she passed away 19 Jul 1983 just 16 months short of her 100th birthday. She is buried at Valley of the Temples Cemetery, Oahu, Hawaii.

Obituary Abstract

Newspaper: Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Date Published: 20 Jul 1983
Name: Maria Augusta [Carvalho] Long
Residence: Kailua, Hawaii
Born: [date not mentioned]  Paauilo, Hawaii
Died: Tuesday, 19 Jul 1983
Occupation: [not mentioned]
Date of Service: Tuesday, 19 Jul 1983
Funeral Home: Hawaiian Memorial Park Mortuary
Clergy: [not mentioned]
Cemetery: Valley of the Temples
Family Mentioned: Daughter, Leona [Long] Hawk; sister, Mrs. Maryann [Marian] Martin; grandsons, Thomas and Richard Costa, Harry and Joseph Arruda; granddaughters, Mrs. Antoinette [Nobriga] Hodge and Mrs. Veronica [Arruda] Soriano. Twenty great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.
Other Information: Age 98 years.

Source:  Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Sarah CARVALHO was born 22 Nov 1885 in Kukaiau. She married Antone SYLVESTER before 1910 and they had at least 7 children. They were: Johnny, Olivia, William, George, Margaret, Roseline, and Freddie. In the 1930 U.S. Census the family was residing in the Kainehe Camp, Hamakua, Hawaii, where Antone repaired roads and their son, George, worked as a laborer at a sugar farm. According to her niece, Leona, Auntie Sarah was very giving, had a hot temper, and was about 5'8" tall. Sarah died 07 Jul 1963 in Hilo and is buried at Alae Cemetery in Hilo.

(left to right rear) Wilhelmina (Minnie) MEDEIROS, Kate, Olivia (CARVALHO) STEFFENS
Manuel CARVALHO (Olivia's father) on left. A man called "Cousin Manuel" on right.

Territory of Hawaii

circa 1940

Anriqueta/Katherine "Kate" CARVALHO was born 13 Feb 1887 in Kukaiau on The Big Island. She married Joseph RODRIGUES 08 Sep 1914 in Honokaa, Hawaii; they had one son. Joseph (the father) died 23 Jun 1916 in Kukaiau at age 24 of pleurisy. Joseph NOBRIGUES, Sr. (the son, was known as "Small Joe") was born 10 Jun 1915 in Paauilo, Hawaii. He married Marie NUNES. They had two sons, Edwin and Joseph, Jr. "Small Joe" died 11 Mar 2002 in Paauilo. 

Kate's second husband was Frank MEDEIROS. Frank was born 15 Apr 1889 in Kapaa on Kauai.They had a daughter, Wilhemina (Minnie) MEDEIROS, who was born 23 Dec 1920 in Kukaiau on Hawaii. Frank was a "luna" (plantation overseer) at the Kukalau Plantation for many years. Frank died at the age of 46 on 19 Aug 1935 and is buried at Paauilo Catholic Cemetery.  

Kate died 19 Apr 1968 in Honokaa on Hawaii. She is also buried at Paauilo Catholic Cemetery.

Minnie married Harry MEDEIROS (b. 14 Apr 1924 in Hawi on Hawaii) in Jan 1946 on The Big Island. Harry was a U.S. Army veteran of WWII and a long-time harvesting supervisor at Hamakua Sugar Co. They had 4 children: Rodney, Janis, Harry, and Dayna. Minnie died 11 Oct 1997 in Hilo. Harry survived his wife by more than 19 years, passing away at the age of 92 on 31 Jan 2017 in Hilo. He and Minnie are buried at East Hawaii Veterans Cemetery No. 2 in Hilo.

Katie's niece, Leona, said that "Auntie Katie" had the biggest heart in the world, even at only 4'11". 

Honolulu Advertiser
14 Oct 1997

WILHELMINA MEDEIROS, 76, of Keaau, Hawaii, died Oct. 11, 1997.  Born in Kukaiau, Hawaii.  A housewife.  Survived by husband, Harry; sons, Rodney and Harry; daughters, Janis Hilderbrand and Dayna Unea; brother, Joe Rodrigues; sisters, Marie Henry and Katherine Vincent; 12 grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren. Visitation 6 to 9 p.m.

Obituary Abstract

Newspaper: Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Date Published: 16 Mar 2002
Name: Joseph “Small Joe” Rodrigues, Sr.
Residence: Paauilo, Hawaii
Born: [not mentioned]
Died: 11 Mar 2002
Occupation: ranch hand (retired) for Kukaiau Ranch
Date of Service: 19 Mar 2002
Church: St. Joseph Catholic Church, Paauilo, Hawaii
Cemetery: Mauna Kea Memorial Park
Family Mentioned: Wife, Marie; sons, Joseph Jr. and Edwin. One grandson.

Source: Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Mary CARVALHO was born 10 Feb 1889 near Hilo. She married Walter Franklin DAVIDSON  22 Jul 1916 in Honolulu. Walter was in the U.S. Navy and they eventually settled in National City, San Diego County, California. Walter retired as a Chief Petty Officer after 30 years of service. They had no children. Mary died 07 Jan 1953 at the U.S. Naval Hospital in San Diego. Walter was found dead 19 May 1961 at his home in National City. They are both buried at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego.

Manuel Germaine CARVALHO was born 27 May 1892 in Paauilo. He married Maria "Mary" Perreira MARTIN 13 Jan 1917 at St. Anthony's Church in Papa'aloa. Their son, Ernest Martin CARVALHO, was born 07 Mar 1919 in Ookala and died 21 Feb 1961 in Kailua. Their daughter, Olivia "Pee Wee" Angeline CARVALHO was born 20 Jun 1920 in Ookala. She married Warren G. STEFFENS. She died on 17 Aug 1995 in Hayward, Alameda, CA. According to the information on the 1930 U.S. Census, Manuel was a foreman on a sugar farm.

Rose (CARVALHO) CABRAL and aunt,
Territory of Hawaii
Before 1920

Rose CARVALHO was born 17 Oct 1890 in Kukaiau on Hawaii. She married Manuel CABRAL (born 25 Jul 1885 in Hamakua) 08 Jan 1910. They had 3 children: Joseph CABRAL, Manuel CABRAL, Jr., and Antonina [later Angelina] CABRAL. Rose, Manuel, and their 3 children migrated to San Francisco aboard the SS Enterprise, arriving there in August 1921—their ultimate destination being Campbell in Santa Clara County. Manuel, who had been a laborer at the Del Monte cannery, died at their home 11 Jun 1952. Rose died 27 Feb 1968 in Los Gatos and they are buried at Santa Clara Mission Cemetery.

Obituary Abstract

Newspaper: San Jose Mercury News
Date Published: 28 Feb 1968Page:  36
Name: Rose Carvalho Cabral
Residence: Campbell, CA
Born: [date not mentioned] Kukaiau, Hawaii
Died: 27 Feb 1968
Occupation: [not mentioned]
Date of Service: Tuesday, 29 Feb 1968
Funeral Home: Harmon A. Smith Funeral Home
Church: St. Lucy’s Church
Cemetery: [not mentioned] [Santa Clara Mission Cemetery]
Family Mentioned: Late husband, Manuel Cabral; sons, Joseph and Manuel Cabral Jr. of Campbell; daughter, Angelina David of Campbell; siblings, Joseph Carvalho, Mrs. Carrie Miranda of Campbell, Mrs. Agusta [Maria Augusta] Long, Mrs. Marion [Marian] Martin and Mrs. Katherine Maderios [Medeiros] of Hawaii. Three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
Other Information:  Age 77 years.

Source:  Santa Clara County Historical and Genealogical Society

Joseph and Nellie
November 1920
Hilo, Hawaii, T.H.

Joseph (Joe) CARVALHO was born 23 Jan 1895 near Honokaa. His first marriage ended with the death of his wife, Rose De CANTO, in February 1919. Together they had a son, Joseph CARVALHO, Jr., who was born 06 October 1918. Joseph married Natividad (Nellie) MIRANDA 08 Nov 1920 in Hilo. Joe and Nellie migrated to San Francisco aboard the SS Enterprise arriving there 21 Aug 1921, just 9 days before their son, Edwin E. CARVALHO, was born (30 Aug 1921) in Santa Clara County.  After arriving in California, Joe went to work at the Del Monte Cannery and eventually sold fruit to Del Monte as a self-employed farmer. They had a second son, Benjamin Vernon CARVALHO, 05 Sep 1923. Joe died 27 Nov 1972 in San Jose.  Nellie passed away 06 Jan 1992 in Monterey. They are buried at Santa Clara Mission Cemetery.

Obituary Abstract

Newspaper: San Jose Mercury News
Date Published: Wednesday, 29 Nov 1972
Page: 71  
Name: Joe [Joseph] Carvalho, Sr.
Residence: Campbell, CA
[date not mentioned] Hawaii
Died: 27 Nov 1972
[not mentioned]
Date of Service: Thursday, 30 Nov 1972
Funeral Home: Darling-Fisher Campbell Memorial Chapel, Campbell, CA
Church: St. Lucy’s Church
Cemetery:  [not mentioned] Santa Clara Mission Cemetery, San Jose, CA
Family Mentioned:  Wife, Nellie [Miranda] Carvalho; sons, Edwin E. Carvalho of Redding, Benjamin V. Carvalho of Los Gatos, and Joe Carvalho of Cupertino; sisters, Marian Martin and Augusta Long of Hawaii.  Seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
Other Information: Age 77 years.

Source:  Santa Clara County Historical and Genealogical Society

Territory of Hawaii

Circa 1920
Carolina "Carrie" CARVALHO was born 14 Aug 1898 in the Hamakua area of Hawaii. She was the only sibling of my great grandmother's that I met as a child. She and her husband, Joaquin Freitas MIRANDA, were married 05 Jan 1918 at Kukaiau Catholic Church. Their first son, Jack Joaquin MIRANDA, was born 24 Nov 1918 on Hawaii. Carrie, Joaquin, and Jack, left Hilo aboard the SS Enterprise, arriving in San Francisco in March 1920. They settled in Campbell, where their other three children were born: James John MIRANDA on 31 Dec 1921; Denver Benjamin MIRANDA on 21 Sep 1923 and Evelyn Marie (private). Auntie Carrie and Uncle Joaquin owned a small farm on Harrison Avenue where they had fruit tree orchards and a lovely red and white farmhouse. All I remember about them was that Auntie Carrie had a knack for canning and Uncle Joaquin could grow anything! The last time I saw them was probably 1968, when I was 9 years old. Carrie passed away 17 Mar 1972 and Uncle Joaquin died 02 Oct 1975. They are buried at Santa Clara Mission Cemetery.

Marianna (Marian) Germana CARVALHO was born 12 Mar 1903 in Kukaiau. She married Joseph Texeira MARTIN 07 Feb 1925 in Honokaa. Auntie Marian and Joseph migrated from Hawaii to Oakland, Alameda County, California, where Joseph worked for Best Steel Company and their daughter, Dorothy May MARTIN, was born 05 Jul 1927. They returned to Hawaii where Joseph worked for Kukaiau Ranch, lastly as a mechanic. They had 3 more children: Vivian Vera MARTIN (private); Robert Raleigh MARTIN, born 07 Oct 1931; and Dennis MARTIN, born 05 Jul 1935. I met Auntie Marian once in 1980 during the Carvalho/DeMattos Family Reunion in Hilo. She was in a wheelchair, but sadly I don't remember any more about her. Joseph died 07 Nov 1970 and Marian passed away 01 Nov 1988. They are both buried at Maunakea Memorial Park Cemetery, Papaikou, Hawaii.

Rose LAU with John G. CARVALHO, Jr.
1223 Alani St. Honolulu
Circa 1925

John Germain CARVALHO, Jr.. was born 01 Sep 1901 near Hilo. He migrated to San Francisco aboard the SS Enterprise, arriving there in March 1923. He was in the U.S. Navy for 30 years, was a veteran of WWI and WWII, and was a bookkeeper before retiring from the Navy. He never married and at some point changed his name to John G. CARVEL. He died 07 Oct 1962 and is buried at Santa Clara Mission Cemetery.

Louis German CARVALHO aka CARVELHO, was the last child of John and Maria. He is also the only one with a recorded birth. He was born 26 Jan 1910 in the Hamakua area of Hawaii. He migrated to California with his parents, aboard the SS President Hayes, arriving there 03 Oct 1930. Louis married Rose GOMES about 1944. They had one son and three daughters. He worked as a molder at Reliable Foundry in Santa Clara up until his death on 12 Mar 1967.  He is buried next to his brother, John, at Santa Clara Mission Cemetery. His niece, Leona, said, "Uncle Louis [pronounced Luey] was a very handsome man!"

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[Sources:  1900 through 1930 U.S. Census; obituaries quoted above and those for Manuel Cabral, Nellie (Miranda) Carvalho and Joaquin Freitas Miranda; death certificates for John G. Carvalho, Maria (de Mattos) Carvalho, Maria (Carvalho) Long, Mary (Carvalho) Davidson, Walter Franklin Davidson, Rose (Carvalho) Cabral, Manuel Cabral, Joseph Carvalho, Sr., Nellie (Miranda) Carvalho, Benjamin Vernon Carvalho, Lau Chong, Carrie (Carvalho) Miranda, Joaquin Freitas Miranda, Jack Joaquin Miranda, James John Miranda, Denver B. Miranda, Joseph Texeira Martin, John G. Carvel and Louis German Carvelho; marriage records for Maria (Carvalho) (Chong) Long, Carrie (Carvalho) Miranda and Benjamin Vernon Carvalho;  birth certificates or records for Rose Lyu, Lau Kui Kyau, Alexander Chong, Benjamin Vernon Carvalho, Denver B. Miranda, Dorothy May Martin, Louis G. Carvelho and Delbert Warren Long; immigration documents for John Germain Carvalho, Maria (de Mattos) Carvalho, and the João de Mattos family.  Immigration listings on, and the personal knowledge of several family members.]
(rev. 07/14/2022)


Toni said…
Did Joseph Cabral make and repair guitars and ukuleles
I have a Ukulele made by a Joe Cabral in Oakland
Virginia Hill said…
Toni, I am only aware of Joseph's full-time occupation, which was sailor in the U.S. Navy. I will ask around and see if anyone knows if he did in fact also work on guitars and 'ukes'.
Anonymous said…
Aloha my name is Chad Cabral and my grand father was Joseph Cabral from Hilo. His brothers I believe were Hannibal and Manuel. They all lived up in the sugar plantation camp of Amauulu, in the Wainaku area of Hilo. Joseph worked as a truck driver for hamakua sugar. My Dad is Chester Cabral. We are all still living in Hilo. said…
I've been trying to find out if my uncle Ed Carvalho is still alive. He lived in redding the last time I knew anything. He would be about 94 now. Any info would be great. He was my Godfather and we lost touch after his brother/ my father passed away in 1992. (Benjamin Carvalho)
Virginia Hill said…
Is that you, Kimberly? Muzknut? Anyway, I wasn't able to find out anything, really. I asked a cousin and her husband who live in Redding. They have not seen Eddie in MANY years. I couldn't locate an obituary online. A suggestion for you. I checked Find-A-Grave to see if there was a listing for Eddie at the cemetery where his wife, Merial, had been buried in 1979 and there wasn't one. There was no listing for Merial in the other two archival lists I found, either. She WAS interred there according to her death certificate. I don't believe the cemetery has an office, but if you can't go there yourself maybe you can find someone willing to look for you. Good luck!
Anonymous said…
Hi Virginia,

First let me say you've done amazing work! As someone who has just tried to find basic information about my lineage i cant imagine how much effort and time you've put into this. I'm writing you because I was born in Hawaii at Queen's Medical Center on August 2nd, 1969. I was also adopted at birth and told my bio father was a "local" and mother was a college student from the mainlaind. I recently did an Ancestry test and was linked, as a 4th cousin to the granddaughter of Manuel Carvalho. I have no idea if that connection means my paternal ancestry is connected to Manuel Carvalho, but I am curious if you know of any males born between 1946-50 in Hawaii that may have descended from that side of your family. I certainly don't want to infringe on anyone's privacy and wouldn't expect you to over step your bounds either. However, if you are at liberty to share any information or you have any information that you think might be useful I would certainly appreciate it. Running in to lots of dead ends and I just really want to know more about my story.

With Aloha,

Bryce Baker
Columbus, OH