Lizzie Hits the Jackpot...Again

After working for an animal supply retailer for fifteen years I confess that my interest in products geared toward animals is likely more extreme than the average consumer. I no longer have to keep up with products, but when it comes to Lizzie I want to be an educated consumer. Her well-being is worthy of a long drive or spending time researching products online.

Since Lizzie is a mere month away from turning six and is still experiencing sporadic "tummy trouble," I chose a dry senior diet versus the lite diet she's been eating for several months.  She's also the first dog of mine who has been fed canned food. I'm still surprised by my decision but feel that she may the first to benefit from the slight variation in her daily diet.  The small amount of canned food mixed in with her dry diet will also assure me that she gets all of her whole food supplement, which is a fine granule that usually ends up at the bottom of a bowl of dry food.

 Three chews on backorder
She is being transitioned slowly to the new dry food. I've started her off with the lamb canned food and will be slowly increasing her supplement until she's getting her two teaspoons per day. 

She's already given a "paws up" to the new rope toy. She and my daughter had a rousing good time playing with that this morning. I haven't seen Lizzie move that fast for a long time.  She was a blur of motion and play growling. 

I sure feel better knowing she has a healthy diet and lots of toys to keep her playful to go along with all the crazy love she gets from us. She's worth it!