Naval Career of Jack T. Hill


Service Number: 372 90 61

Social Security Number: 522-30-3175

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(rev. 07/31/2021)


Margaret Hill said…
You're right. The top table looks terrible on Firefox (Mac) but great on Chrome (Mac) and Safari (Mac). I wasn't able to test on IE, though, because it's banned from my computer (which bothers me not in the least). I wonder what the issue is with Firefox in this case!? It's usually a very solid browser.
Virginia Hill said…
I cannot figure out why the table doesn't view correctly on Firefox. I thought updating to Firefox v.4 would make a difference, but it doesn't. Oh well. Thanks for checking, and for the comment!
Virginia Hill said…
The table stopped working on Chrome and didn't work on the Edge browser, either. It was time to change things up. I scanned the Word document and added key search descriptions to the post. Now his career timeline can be viewed with no restrictions. Thanks for creating the document, sister!