The Kane Family Bible

This Bible belonged to my 2nd great-grandparents, James KANE and Julia Agnes McCORMICK. Their daughter, Margaret Beatrice KANE, probably left it to her daughter, Margaret Beatrice (HANNAN) HILL, whose daughter, Jacqueline, has given it to her daughter, Diana. Diana is my first cousin, and she made it available to be photographed by my husband.

Julia was more than likely the one making the entries, as they seem to stop around the time she died in December of 1916. I have documentation for nearly all the entries, but did have a couple of facts clarified. The entries are difficult to read, but possible if the largest image is viewed. All of the documents for this family branch are in the Flickr Album Documents: KANE and Allied Families.

There are many discrepancies between the entries in the Bible, and the documentation I have. I believe that some time may have passed between the occurrences, and the actual entering of the information. That could account for the lack of birth dates on the grandchildren's page, and some differences in dates. The first entry on the "Deaths" page is completely illegible to me.

I hope that someday clearer copies of the pages can be made, but I am very thankful to have these available to keep and to share.

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Births - Children

Births - Grandchildren



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