Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lizzie Gets a 'Peticure'

I was hoping the Peticure Safe Guard I ordered on September 29 would arrive earlier than this post stated and boy did it. It was in our mailbox last Saturday after only 12 days! Since then I've been following the suggestions that Peticure makes in their videos to get Lizzie used to it slowly, and with much positive reinforcement (treats and play).

Yesterday, I filed just one nail (which she handled well) and today she received a full "peticure." As leery as she is about all things different, she has accepted the noise and vibration of the Dremel tool quite well. I used the coarser of the two sanding bands that came with the Dremel due to the length of her nails. I believe that the fine sanding band will be enough from this point on. Peticure recommends filing dogs' nails every two weeks to recess the quick. When the process is this painless there is no reason NOT to do their nails, as often as necessary, to keep them their optimal length.

The Dremel tool w/Peticure Safe Guard attached

 This was too funny not to post.

 Pretty and painless! w00t! AND w00f!

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