Music to My Ears


Since my last "new music" update of February 5 I've been able to get me some fine new tunes.  Three online sources and two people made it possible.  There's R&B/Soul, Blues Rock, Alternative, and Pop.  Something for nearly every mood!


*21 (OUTSTANDING album!  Rumor Has It, Rolling in the Deep, Set Fire to the Rain, and Turning Tables are my personal faves so far. Thanks Mary!)

Dan Auerbach

*Keep it Hid (As much as I LOVE The Black Keys I had to have Dan's solo album - my faves so far, I Want Some More, The Prowl, and Street Walkin'.)

Foo Fighters

Learn to Fly (A Rock Band fave. Thanks Honey!)

Lady Gaga

Poker Face (Probably my favorite pop song and definitely my favorite Lady Gaga tune.)
*Born This Way (Yep, 99 cents at Amazon - couldn't go wrong! You and I is my favorite.)

Jimmy Eat World

The Middle (A Rock Band fave. Thanks Honey!)


Here it Goes Again (A Rock Band fave. Thanks Honey!)

Pearl Jam

Just Breathe (Heard this at the end of the Castle episode, "To Love and Die in L.A." Even with dialog over the music Shazam identified it.  This song is AMAZING!)


Creep (Shoulda had this long ago.  After hearing "Messer" sing it to Sophie in the movie Life as We Know It, I made sure I did!  Thanks Honey!)

The Script

*Science & Faith (A consistently good sound, but without the standouts of their debut self-titled album.)

Music Videos

* denotes entire album

What say you?  What are you listening to these days?