Sunday, February 18, 2007

Five Guilts Meme


What is yours?

Explain yourself
Culinary: Nescafe Mocha Ice Java One glass every morning...yum! No longer being made. Once our eBay supply runs dry....oh noooooooooo!
Literary: People MagazineIt's as 'tabloidy' as I get. I read the library's copy so at least I have no guilt over spending cold hard cash on it.
Audiovisual: Men in TreesIt's a cross between Northern Exposure and Sex in the City...and I LOVE it!
Musical: Wizard of Oz songsEven though I don't care for the movie I find myself humming the songs frequently...go figure.
Celebrity: Hugh JackmanGuilt? Why? I admire him for so many reasons. One being his love and dedication to his family!